Healing with Charge

Event Date:2017-01-28 - 2017-02-21
Event Location:Free Virtual Event
Event Information:Healing with Charge
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Healing with Charge:
Energy Psychology Practices for
Mastering Your Life Force


With the #1 Bestselling Expert on the Chakra System Dr. Anodea Judith


When your charge is blocked or diminished, you can feel off balance, out of control, and stuck in victim consciousness. When your charge is more balanced, open and integrated, your life simply works better — with more health, energy and positive emotions.

During this complimentary workshop, you’ll discover practical ways to enhance your charge, such as:

  • How to expand your “comfort zone” of charge to integrate a full-spectrum experience from the meditative to the ecstatic
  • Why charge is essential to heal the residue of any past trauma you are still carrying
  • How your body can act as a battery to store charge so it’s ever present
  • How to manage charge in your relationships so it empowers you and others

This FREE mini-workshop is particularly valuable for therapists, coaches, healers and practitioners who want to enhance their understanding of the energetic dimension of transformation and growth.

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