Healing our Relationship with our Ego

Event Date:2013-08-07 - 2013-08-31
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Event Information:Healing our Relationship with our Ego
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Healing our Relationship with our Ego

Have you long suspected that spiritual traditions that teach us to denigrate, transcend, and vilify the “ego” might be creating more problems than benefits?

If you long to experience a steady, strong connection with your radiant Essential Self then you’ll want to be on this free training call and learn how to reduce inner warfare with your ego and create the possibility of true inner healing and love as the new baseline for your life.

Patricia Ellsberg has developed the Emergence Process in partnership with her sister Barbara Marx Hubbard as a way to make the shift from ego to essence a lived reality.

This Process has been taught to thousands worldwide and offers an alternative path to wholeness, showing how the ego serves an evolutionary function and that if we subtly war with it we create schisms rather than real growth and transformation.

During this free teleseminar event, you’ll receive key insights and practices to shift the center of gravity from from your egoic “local self” to your Essential Self without creating polarization, suppression or further harm. As a result, you’ll begin to get more lasting access to divine guidance and the ability to live with wisdom, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy in your everyday life.

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The Emergence Process!

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