Charge, Chakras, and Energy Medicine
at Yogakula Berkeley

Event Date:2014-06-07 - 2014-06-07
Event Location:Yoga Kula Berkeley
Event Information:Charge, Chakras, and Energy Medicine
Other Contact:YogaKula
Phone Number:510-486-0264

Charge, Chakras, and Energy Medicine

Chakra Diagnostics workshop

Charge is the basic life force known as prana, chi, or bioenergetic energy. When charge flows freely, we can be “in charge” of ourselves. We feel alive, in touch, and creative. When charge is unbalanced (too much or too little) it can create anxiety or depression, physical pain, illness, and negative behaviors. Learning to manage charge is the key to finding our core and living dynamically and deliberately.

Come learn about your own charge through exercises designed to move that charge through your chakras and into your core.

Anodea Judith has been writing and teaching about the chakras for nearly 40 years. She is the author of several best-selling books on the subject, including Wheels of Life; Eastern Body, Western Mind; Creating on Purpose; and Chakra Balancing Kit. Residing in California, she travels worldwide delivering master classes and trainings in her groundbreaking fusion of ancient and modern techniques for healing and awakening.

Also coming soon to YogaKula Berkeley: Chakra Diagnostics and Healing on July 26th!

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