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We live in an amazing universe—one we have barely begun to explore. As humans on the verge of entering our planetary adulthood, we are just now learning to get along with each other, to have enough power as individuals to reach toward the greater good, and to awaken the global heart as an organizing principle.

There is still so much to discover in the micro and macrocosmos, as we reach into bigger and smaller pieces of the big picture. Here, for your amazement, education, and entertainment, is an amazing graphic that shows the scale of what we can perceive—from the infinite cosmos, to the tiniest subatomic particles. Unfamiliar with any of the objects you see as you scroll back and forth?  Click on any object to learn more. You’ll discover “femtometers” and “zeptometers,” Pluto’s moon named after a monster, the size of the Grand Canyon compared to Rhode Island, and much, much more.  Enjoy
In my forthcoming book, THE GLOBAL HEART AWAKENS, I talk about how humanity is maturing  into an era ruled by the power of love more than by the love of power. Research shows that our capacity for love expands as we get older; that women care more than men, and that those who gravitate toward spirituality have more love for humanity than others. In the book, I talk about how humanity is facing an initiation into our future adulthood, in which the principles of the heart will lead the way. Check this out to see how the research plays out, with easy to view graphics.
As we face this initiation, we are already seeing more and more tragedies, such as the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, which is a microcosm of what is happening in many parts of the world that are facing food and water shortages, natural disasters, and other challenges. How do we hold compassion in the face of repeated news of these tragedies?  It is a challenge for us all as we face “compassion fatigue” at a time when our caring is most important. Here’s an article that discusses why we have more compassion for one than for many and how to improve our caring and compassion.
We have the immense privilege to be co-creators in this universe. It’s all a matter of learning how. The downward current of manifestation that runs through the chakras, reflects the universe’s basic organizing strategy—the condensing of consciousness into more and more solid forms, from mental conception to physical manifestation. If you want to be a manifestor and learn more about how this process works, we have a FREE call with visuals you can download.  Join us in this awakening of the global heart.
Love and blessings,
Anodea Judith