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Sacred Centers
Co-Heart Certification


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Sacred Centers Certification?

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The Sacred Centers Certification Program (SCCP) offers a guided pathway of thorough chakra study and personal growth.

This Co-Heart level lays the ground work for continued study in the Sacred Centers Certification Program as well as in your life. Students gain skills and principles for manifesting their visions as well as tools for balancing their chakras. Co-Heart students report accelerated life fulfillment!

Co-Heart Certification has no prerequisites and is open to anyone. A certificate is granted for taking the four basic courses listed below.

Co-Heart Requirements (Introductory Level)

Must complete the following courses:

Chakras tree pose

**You can also choose to take 7 Keys to Transformation or 7 Month Chakra Awakening Intensive: Opening the Windows to the Soul instead of taking 101 – SEVEN WINDOWS TO THE SOUL – Basic Chakra Weekend

Course fees vary according to the sponsoring institution, but generally compare in price to workshops of a similar nature. Students complete courses one by one at the locations most accessible to them. Books and materials vary and are the responsibility of the student.

Schedule and Location of classes

Reading Requirements

Co-Heart Benefits

  • Students receive guidance throughout the program
  • Connection to the Sacred Centers community of students and staff
  • Join our Certification Forum to ask questions to other fellow Co-Hearts
  • Get 15% off all Sacred Centers products
  • Already taken a class and want to take it again? Receive 50% off the next time you retake a Sacred Centers hosted teleclass or workshop!
  • Upon completion, students become a certified Sacred Centers Co-Heart!

YES! I want to become a Co-Heart!

Co-Heart Certification Application Process:

Sacred Centers courses lead to Co-Heart and Professional Certification, are sponsored by exceptional learning institutions around the world, and are given at different times and locations throughout the year. Students begin certification through an application process and proceed at a pace that suits their location, finances, and professional needs.

Co-Heart Certification: Prospective students begin by filling out a short application with a $59 fee. Once application is submited, the Sacred Centers Certification Coordinator will contact you to discuss your plan.

Prospective students fill out a short application and pay $59.
Payment Options

We look forward to getting to know you better and taking this marvelous journey of healing and awakening together. If you have any questions, want to find out about new opportunities or ask about a payment plan: Please Contact Nini Gridley, our Sacred Centers Certification Coordinator.

Want to discuss Sacred Centers Certification? Contact our SC Coordinator!

Don’t Delay! Here is the Co-Heart Application