Anodea Judith’s Sacred Centers

Sacred Centers is a community of individuals dedicated to personal growth and cultural evolution. Our community forms organically from the workshop experience and the desire to keep that feeling alive after the workshop. Our students and graduates of the Sacred Centers Certification Program form Sacred Kin-doms in their own area, where they conduct healing practices, teach classes and workshops, or hold community events.

In this way, Sacred Centers’ kin-doms become self-organizing centers for the coalescence of consciousness, illuminating the sacred web of life for the purpose of bringing together the imaginal cells
of the emerging paradigm.

Our Mission

Sacred Centers is a teaching organization founded by Anodea Judith in 1999 to promote sacred knowledge for the transformation of individuals and culture. The name, Sacred Centers, refers to the divine center within each one of us, to the seven major energy centers known as chakras, and to the need to be centered in the sacred in our daily life.

The aim of Sacred Centers is to restore connection with the sacredness of life through returning to spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, healing, ritual, trance, poetry, art, music and dance. This occurs through deeper contact and connection with ourselves, each other, and the web of life. We feel that periodically touching into sacred space, whether it is daily, weekly, or seasonally, informs all other actions in the mundane world and makes them more meaningful and effective.

Sacred Centers does not endorse or condemn any particular religion. We believe that there are many paths to the sacred that are viable for different individuals and cultures. While the chakras come from the yoga tradition of India (see history) they are universal centers that exist within each of us, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or any of the many isms that contribute to a sense of separation. Instead this universal system can be embraced and practiced through any religious framework.

At a time when the world seems to be falling apart, we seek ways to come together, to find our common ground, our universal spirit, and contribute to an awakened global heart.