Dig deep, roll up your sleeves, stand on your hind legs and experience the wonder of divine energy breezing through your chakras.

Start DateEnd DateLocationEventsContact
05/19/201405/20/2014Novato, CA
102 - Energy Awareness I: Awaken Your Untapped Mind Part of the Sacred Centers Immersion 2014
05/26/201405/30/2014Novato, CA
10/02/201410/05/2014Prana Shanti
613.761.9642 (YOGA)
Prana Shanti 52 Armstrong Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1Y 2V7
10/26/201410/31/2014Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
12/04/201412/07/2014Austin, TX
Chakra Yoga Teacher Training: Opening the Inner Temple

24 Class hours, CEU's available
Yoga Yoga Westgate
4477 S. Lamar Blvd, Ste 420, Austin TX 78745