Dig deep, roll up your sleeves, stand on your hind legs and experience the wonder of divine energy breezing through your chakras.

Start DateEnd DateLocationEventsContact
05/18/201505/22/2015Novato, CA
05/25/201505/29/2015Novato, CA
07/09/201507/12/2015Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Rising Pathways Solitude Resort near Salt Lake City, UT
09/16/201509/20/2015Cortes Island, Canada
Creating on Purpose Manifesting Heaven on Earth Through the Chakras

Cortes Island
British Columbia
10/17/201510/18/2015London, City of London
020 7483 3344
triyoga: soho
2nd floor, kingly court
london, w1b 5pw
11/08/201511/13/2015Lenox, MA
Chakra Therapy Training Intensive: Awakening and Healing the Energy Body

Kripalu Yoga Center: AKA: Mind-Body Integration Part 1 - Registration coming soon