Dig deep, roll up your sleeves, stand on your hind legs and experience the wonder of divine energy breezing through your chakras.

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Seven Windows to the Soul: The Chakra System: Bridging the Practical and the Mystical - A Training Intensive
triyoga: soho
020 7483 3344
2nd floor, kingly court soho london, w1b 5pw
10/19/201410/24/2014Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
11/15/201411/16/2014Rising Pathways in Louland Falls, UT
Rising Pathways
Louland Falls in Salt Lake City
12/04/201412/07/2014Austin, TX
Chakra Yoga Teacher Training: Opening the Inner Temple

24 Class hours, CEU's available
Yoga Yoga Westgate
4477 S. Lamar Blvd, Ste 420, Austin TX 78745