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Chakra Body Fusion
ChakraBody Fusion® provides certifications for massage therapists, yoga therapists, energy therapists and the uncommon individual. ChakraBody Fusion® workshops are dynamically integrated classes designed to generate personal transformative experience through each chakra. In a ChakraBody Fusion® class, one will actively explore their chakras through bioenergetic awareness and somatic movement, yoga asana, breath, stylized visualization, meditation, focused touch, bandhas, sound healing and mantra, and partnered exercises.
Jason Auer-Sears is the founder and director of ChakraBody Fusion®, a healing center for mind-body integration. Jason has crafted a unique method and system based on healing modalities for the embodied exploration of personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal awareness. Jason is a national teacher, workshop presenter, and practitioner.
Jason Auer-Sears—Workshop Presenter, Founder of ChakraBody Fusion® / NCBTMB Approved

101 – Seven Windows to the Soul: a Chakra Weekend Workshop
This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the Chakra System, a powerful framework for mind-body-spirit integration. Through a variety of experiential activities, become familiar with seven major energy centers in the body that correlate with human experience. Learn about the interplay of mind, body and spirit, the body as the voice of the unconscious, and how to work with each chakra to lead a full and balanced life. 12.5 CEUs for yoga teachers

Jenni leads SoulCollage events one weekend a month. Friday evening consists of a group SoulCollage reading and Saturday open studio time for you to create sacred collage art. Weekend sessions can be attended individually, however, there is deep magic in attending both!


Light Fountain

Sacred Centers, Europe
Appelscha, Holland

Anita Geugien is the founder of Lichtfontein, a small retreat center located in northern Holland (Appelscha) and has the honor of creating the first Sacred Centers kin-ship in Europe. Anita graduated from the Sacred Centers Certification Program in June 2007 as a Chakra Teacher and combines that with her skills as a Yoga Teacher and Chakra Energy Therapist. She teaches courses in the basic Sacred Centers curriculum, as well as her own Lichtfontein education program in Chakra Yoga, Chakra Healing,
Crystals and gemstone therapy, Chakra Massage, and Tarot. She also organizes spiritual and yoga vacations to beautiful and interesting places as well as workshops and masterclasses with Anodea Judith all over Europe. Her goal is to expand the transforming work of the chakra-philosophy and the healing methods of Anodea Judith.

Explore her beautiful new website (you can click for translation) and see pictures of Anita living her dream. Anodea travels to Holland each year to teach 1, 2 or even 3 workshops. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

For more information about Anita Geugien and her center go to:
Light Fountain
email Anita
Tel: 00 31 592 – 35 36 57

Sacred Centers Germany

Christine Anjali Wittmann runs her private practice as a spiritual healer andenergy therapist since 2001. She was trained in several methods to scan and run energy, and developed a deep sensitivity and a visionary in(ner)sight which help her clients to feel at least strongly energized, reach their potential or enhance their self healing powers. She also teaches courses in healing techniques and aura/energy awareness. With her profound advertising and marketing knowledge from many years as an account manager, she initiated a circle of workshops for spiritual workers to gain more confidence in all aspects of business. Back from her international Yoga teacher certification in India, she started in January 2008 to teach Down Syndrome adults in Yoga, and is currently producing a DVD on How-to-Teach them. Christine Anjali graduated from Sacred Centers Certification Program in October 2009 as a Chakra Teacher, is doing the basic Sacred Centers curriculum, and has the honor of being Anodea’s representative of Sacred Centers in Germany.

Private healing sessions, participation on the German workshops and her spiritual Newsletter “spiritBiz” can be looked up, booked and registered on her Website.

For more information about Christine Anjali and her work go to:
Anjali’s Healing
email Christine
Tel: ++49 (0)89 64939860