What is a Kin-dom?


In the old model of civilization kingdoms were an area of land inhabited by people who were ruled by a king. Kingdoms were what people knew, how they identified themselves. Kingdoms had a top-down organizing principle that began with the king and trickled down hierarchically to the common people, who were of unequal status.

*Sacred Centers Kin-doms* are communities of like-hearted people who enjoy coming together in Sacred Community for spiritual practice, seasonal celebrations, and life-affirming events. Kin-doms are self-organizing systems that are fostered in kin-ship – the recognition that we are all kin, working together cooperatively and collaboratively. Our kin-ship refers not just to people but to the plant and animals kin-doms as well.

The concept of Sacred Centers kin-doms is still in its infancy. It is propagated by Sacred Centers graduates who live in various geographical areas and have an affinity with the teachings and philosophy of Sacred Centers, the chakras, and the sacredness of life. Though we do not adhere to a rigid belief system, we do have some commonalities:

    • Reverence for life and the earth
    • Sacredness of the body
    • Compassionate relationships
    • Care and concern for the larger world
    • Dedication to personal and global evolution
    • The power of consciousness to create

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