Supercharge Your Chakras!

Event Date:2017-06-10 - 2017-06-12
Event Location:Appelscha, Holland
City:vaart Zuid Zijde 120, 8426 AK Appelscha
Event Information:Supercharge Your Chakras!
Other Contact:Vaart Z.z. 120 - 8426 AK Appelscha, Holland
Phone Number:00 31 (0) 516 - 431 377

Supercharge Your Chakras!
with Anodea Judith

We all know that the chakras handle life force energy. The more energy we have the more alive we feel. But when we have blocks in our chakras, we can’t hold as much energy.

Then we feel either anxious or depressed, which means we either have too much energy or not enough running through our system.

In this workshop with leading chakra authority, Anodea Judith, you will learn valuable exercises to charge up your chakras — as well as discharge them where needed.

You will learn what it means when the chakras are out of balance and how to bring them back into balance again.

These are exercises you can continue to practice on your own, after the workshop, or use with clients and friends.

The result is a toolkit for fine-tuning your energy system that you can use the rest of your life.

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