Mind Body Integration

Event Date:2014-03-13 - 2014-03-16
Event Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Event Information:Mind Body Integration: Therapeutic Techniques for Wholeness.
Other Contact:It´s Yoga studio Tjustgatan 5 Stockholm, Sweden
Email Address:info@itsyogstockholm.se
Phone Number:0707-906 906

March 13 - 16, 2014
Times: 10am - 6pm (18:00)

Therapeutic Techniques for Wholeness:

A 4-day experiential course in transformational healing with Anodea Judith

  • Are you a psychotherapist who would like to expand beyond talk therapy and learn to address the body in your practice?
  • Are you a bodyworker who would like to understand the psychological issues behind your clients chronic complaints?
  • Are you a somatic therapist who would like to expand your skills?

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The body is the unconscious mind. Learn how to awaken the consciousness within this miraculous organism and harvest its deep wisdom for spirit and soul.

This 4-day workshop for healers of all types will bring you cutting edge techniques for integrating mind and body. Providing a backbone of theory for somatic therapy, students will have a chance to explore new techniques through movement and self-exploration, as well as in-class demonstrations and practice with each other.

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Topics addressed will include:
  • The energetics of charging and discharging
  • Formation and dissolution of body armor
  • Bioenergetic character structures and childhood development
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Understanding and treating trauma
  • Use of the chakra system in energetic diagnosis
  • The role of disease in transformation and the language of symptomatology

24 CEU’s possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.

You are really a 'master' teacher; we all learned so much just by watching you work, and experiencing how beautifully you handled the whole group process, while providing security and respect for everyone's individual journey.

Anodea is a brilliant therapist and workshop leader. She has the capacity to get to the heart of whatever is going on with minutes and support you through vast creative therapeutic resources to make enormous progress in just one session.

"Exemplary workshop! Your professional and personal growth content was life changing!"

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Here are some comments from our graduates:
  • I have come to the last two workshops (psych. of the Chakras and Mind-Body) with no expectations and they have blown me out of the water with how tremendous they are and how you manage to convey & facilitate experience of such significant & highly charged material!
  • Anodea is beyond wonderful! She is so present and skilled and an incredibly genuine, loving, compassionate person. Thank you! This was life changing for me!
  • Anodea has the ability to hold sacred space while teaching difficult material. her body of work continues to be inspirational for personal and global healing.
  • Exemplary workshop! Your professional and personal growth content was life changing!
  • I found a new way to view myself and others in a way that I can deeply understand and hopefully help the lives I come in contact with.
  • Your thorough knowledge of the material and warm, clear presence made the huge amount of information understandable.
  • Anodea is a masterful presenter! She knows her stuff and is authentic!

Listen here as Anodea Judith describes the Healing of the Mind-Body Split: A new way to look at energy work.


Want to know what happens in the workshop?
Here's a breakdown of the five day training:


  • Mind, Body, and Energy, the 3 threads of life
  • Tubes & Pulsation: making somagrams
  • Charging and Discharging: Grounding and running energy
  • The Four Stages of Charge: Tension, Charge, Discharge, Relaxation
  • Conscious and Unconscious Body Posture: Keleman Exercise
  • Mind-Body Communication exercise


  • What is body armor? What is character structure?
  • Schizoid/Creative Character Structure, treatment & practice
  • Oral/Lover Character Structure, treatment & practice
  • Masochistic/Endurer Character Structure, treatment & practice


  • Rigid/Achiever/Hysteric Character Structure, treatment & practice
  • Psychopathic/Challenger-Defender Char. Str., treatment & practice
  • Assessment: Underlays and overlays, self-diagnosis, body reading


  • The Nature of Trauma in bioenergetic therapy
  • Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome & the trauma vortex
  • Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Techniques, titrating and SIBAM
  • Demonstration
  • Putting It All Together

=> For inquiries on workshop content etc- email: ulricanor@gmail.com => For registration and payment: info@itsyogstockholm.se info@itsyogstockholm.se
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