Creating on Purpose:
Manifestation Breakthrough Workshop!

Event Date:2014-10-02 - 2014-10-05
Event Location:Prana Shanti
Event Information:Creating on Purpose: Manifestation Breakthrough Workshop!
Other Contact:Prana Shanti 52 Armstrong Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1Y 2V7
Phone Number:613.761.9642 (YOGA)

“This workshop was life changing. I am more in touch with my emotional and cellular body and feel skilled at managing and developing my energy. Anodea has a magical way of presenting complex information.” ~L.M.

CoP workshopAre you ready to create the life of your dreams? Would you like to learn a step-by-step method for making your dreams come true? Manifestation is joyous when you know how to break through the blocks that stand in the way. Ecstasy comes from realizing your goals—whether getting your book published, buying a house, finishing a project, taking a vacation, or serving the world.

Anodea Judith has offered this workshop throughout the world to rave reviews, with past participants commenting, “I am fulfilling my wildest dream,” and “I smashed through my limiting beliefs.”

If you feel stuck in your life, simple obstacles may be preventing you from creating what you want. In this workshop, learn tools, techniques and practices to clear the obstacles at each chakra and catapult you into the life you want. These four days will set your world on fire, enabling you to create miraculous results.

“I have a deeper knowledge of who I am, what beliefs have hindered me, and what to do next. I felt supported, encouraged, and empowered.” ~Jessica Phillips

CoP workshopFormerly called, “CREATION IS ECSTASY!” this 3.5-day workshop takes the chakra journey from the top down, honing your ability to bring your intentions and dreams into manifestation and completion.

From beliefs to visions, expression to relationship, will, passion, and completion, we will show you step-by-step how to use powerful techniques for clearing away limiting beliefs, counter-intentions, negative voices, and distractions to create your dreams. Special focus is on using these techniques offering your gifts for the betterment of others.

In Creating on Purpose, we at last have the more subtle principles underlying the laws of manifestation and he profound use of the chakra system in implementing them. This book [and workshop] offers direct access to the inner spiritual resources of the creative process." ---Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Life Visioning

We all face obstacles in the manifestation process—the trick is learning how to handle them and turn them into opportunities. Master manifestors fulfill their dreams by using the right tools to handle challenges as they arise, while others let obstacles stop them in their tracks. Learn this dynamic and practical method for taking your dreams from conception to reality, traveling the downward path through the chakras, with master teacher, Anodea Judith. Based on the bestselling book, Creating on Purpose, this workshop will help you achieve any dream you choose to work on: be it relationship, money, career, contribution, health, or service.

21 CEU’s possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.
All Sacred Centers workshops are pre-approved in California
by the Board of Behavioral Sciences PCE 2208. Click here for more info on CEUs.

Note Tuition includes a copy of Anodea's latest Manifestation book: Creating on Purpose.

Your chakras hold the energetic patterning that shapes your choices. Creating on Purpose provides a concrete, step-by-step program for utilizing these energies to manifest your highest possibilities." ---Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine

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