Charge, Trauma, and Character Structure SOLDOUT!!

Event Date:2014-09-08 - 2014-09-10
Event Location:Lichtfontein
Event Information:Charge, Trauma, and Character Structure SOLDOUT!!
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Charge, Trauma, and Character Structure

Freeing up the Energy Body

Charge and TraumaCharge is our basic life force. We feel vibrantly alive when it flows freely through our whole system: body, mind, and spirit, especially through the chakras. Traumatic experiences stimulate charge, but then freeze it in the body, creating lasting blockages and difficulties in many areas of life.  Over time, this creates body armor, defense mechanisms, and unconscious behaviors, fused together in what is called Character Structures.

How do you free up the frozen charge of trauma in a way that keeps the client safe and grounded? How do you use the knowledge of Character Structure for more rapid and potent healing? How does this healing weave into the chakras and increased contact with the deep self?

This advanced workshop in bioenergetics and trauma will take your work to a deeper level and give you support for your own difficulties as well as your more challenging clients.  Come to learn, heal, or grow in an atmosphere of safety and intimacy.

Anodea Judith has been writing and teaching about the chakras for nearly 40 years. She is the author of several best-selling books on the subject, including Chakra Werkboek, Chakra Psychologies, De Hemel op Arde, De Lichtkracht van Chakra’s, Hart voor de Wereld. Residing in California, she travels worldwide delivering master classes and trainings in her groundbreaking fusion of ancient and modern techniques for healing and awakening.

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