Charge and the Energy Body

Event Date:2018-10-26 - 2018-10-28
Event Location:Rhinebeck, NY
Event Information:Charge and the Energy Body
Other Contact:150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Phone Number:877.944.2002

Charge and the Energy Body

FRIDAY EVENING: How does your life force, prana, or “charge” affect the energy body, the chakras, and your physical and emotional states? How do you balance your charge through day to day activities, and how do you learn to regulate it when you have too little or too much, to find a healthy balance?

Join award-winning author and global teacher, Anodea Judith, for a tour through the cutting edge of her work, with colorful slide show and illuminating discussion, based on her latest book, Charge and the Energy Body.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: After learning about CHARGE in Friday’s presentation, the weekend workshop will take you through the live experience of your chakras through yoga and bioenergetic exercises designed to move energy through blocks and bring about balance between charging and discharging. This is not hand waving over your chakras, but a deep igniting of your sacred core, the central channel between heaven and earth through which the chakras are aligned.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to study with an extraordinary teacher and healer!

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