Chakra Therapy Training
at New York Open Center

Event Date:2014-04-05 - 2014-04-06
Event Location:New York, NY
City:New York
State:New York
Event Information:Chakra Therapy Training: Awakening and Healing the Energy Body with Dr. Anodea Judith (Saturday and Sunday)
Other Contact:New York Open Center
22 East 30th Street
New York, NY
Phone Number:212-219-2527

Chakra Therapy Training

Intro to Chakra Therapy:
Awakening and Healing the Energy Body
with Dr. Anodea Judith
(Saturday and Sunday)

Chakra TherapyCombining her decades of experience as a bio-energetic therapist, yoga teacher, and chakra guru, Anodea Judith will take you through bioenenergetic exercises to move energy through your body and awaken your chakras. (Bionergetics, based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and others, is a body-based therapy technique designed to move energy through the body and dissolve blockages.) This is not about superficial energy healing, but a deep dive into your inner core and the wounds that reside there. Here you will mine your source of unlimited energy. Dynamic exercises on your own mat or in partners will give you a felt sense of your own chakras and a personal experience of the power of the chakra system. These are techniques you can use on your own or with clients for effective awakening and release of energy through the body.

Saturday & Sunday, April 5-6,

Topics covered include:

  • Chakra 1: Grounding and manifesting
  • Chakra 2: Flowing freely through Emotions and sexuallity
  • Chakra 3: Breaking through blocks to your will
  • Chakra 4: Opening the heart, working with breath
  • Chakra 5: Self-expression through voice and body
  • Chakra 6: Psychic exercises to see and balance the chakras
  • Chakra 7: Meditation and consciousness

Intro to Chakra Therapy is a pre-requisite to Mind-Body Chakra Therapy which will take place at Kripalu Yoga Center from October 26-31, 2014. If you take this Intro to Chakra Therapy workshop in NY, you will be able to attend the advanced course at our 2014 Spring Immersion in Novato, CA at Anodea's home from 5/21-5/25. Find out more about Mind-Body Chakra Therapy.

This class is one of the requirements for Sacred Centers Professional Certification Program, although it is open to all: 300 - INTRO TO CHAKRA THERAPY: Awakening and Healing the Energy Body

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