Chakra Initiation

Event Date:2014-01-14 - 2014-02-23
Event Location:Taken from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world!
Event Information:The Seven Chakra Initiation with Anodea Judith & The Shift Network
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The Seven Chakra Initiation
with Anodea Judith & The Shift Network:

An intimate and in-depth journey into your full-spectrum awakening with #1 Bestselling Author and Chakra Expert Anodea Judith
Starts Tuesday, January 14, 2014

==> Are you ready to take the journey into the fullest experience of your own awakening?

==> Is it time for you to be held in sacred community and powerful mentorship to heal and release all that no longer serves you?

==> Are you ready to discover what is possible when you completely align your energy system and bring your work, relationships and creative endeavors into true alignment with your soul’s calling?

Over these 7 months, you’ll actually receive a full system cleansing, letting go of what no longer serves you in each chakra and welcoming in the flow of life force that is your birthright like never before. Classes held on Tuesdays.

If so, you’ve been guided to the right place.

Many of us have recognized that the deeper task now underway is to become truly divine humans – by opening up the higher dimensions of our Selves and uniting this with all levels of our being.

As you become more fully integrated, you become a more powerful catalyst for the healing and evolution of our world because you have access to the total spectrum of your energy. You become a better creator and a better lover, a better leader and better speaker, a better entrepreneur and better teacher.

Register NOW! Only a few spots remaining!

When you have free and flowing access to all of your Self, you are more capable of manifesting what you are here to do.

Your ability to open up to these higher potentials and live your soul’s intentions requires that you first go within and address the places that aren’t operating at the highest octaves. We each need to heal our wounds, transform our distortions and release false identities and beliefs in order to be who we’re meant to be.

To do this effectively, to truly heal, there are two essential components that must be in place. The first is you must have a safe, strong, loving container to hold you as you open, heal and grow. The second is that you need to be guided by a powerful, proven system of transformation; one that will address all aspects of your journey and take you where you want to go...ALL the way there.

Many systems of awakening and personal transformation call us only into a union with the higher Self. Some focus solely on the distortions, issues and kinks that happen in our personal psychology. But few teachings really deal with our energy system as a whole, and show us how we can create a sacred balance and integration of all levels of our being.

The ancient chakra system from India is one such map that has proved itself over thousands of years, and with millions of people. It is grounded, effective and valuable if you know how to unlock its secrets, apply its lessons and use the practices that can open, clear and align each energy center.

Register NOW! Only a few spots remaining!

The chakra map is – at the deepest level – a design for unifying Heaven and Earth and creating the kind of radiant divine life that fosters a new era for humankind.

Many of us who work in the healing arts – yogis, therapists, teachers, coaches and bodywork practitioners – have a superficial understanding of this sacred system. We simply haven’t been taught to fully open up its transformative potential.

If this applies to you in your own teachings and work with others, you may not be as effective as you sense you could be.

What if you could immerse yourself in the wonders and nuances of this powerful interior map for seven months, guided by the world’s leading chakra expert, Anodea Judith? And in sacred community with her and an intimate circle of others, you could transform your deepest patterns, align your energy system like never before and apply this sacred map to your work, your relationships and your creativity in service to the world?

This is a journey of real transformation in how you live, breathe, work, relate, and even play – a profound opening to a much more embodied, integrated and “divine humanness.”

Personal Mentorship

This is a rare chance to work personally and privately with the world’s most respected chakra expert. Anodea is a powerful, sensitive and honoring guide through this inner landscape – and she will be available to you and the intimate community in a deep way throughout the entire 7-month program. And as mentioned, you’ll also work with a partner, giving you another level of loving, personalized insight and support.

This unique program is only available to the first 24 people to sign up – it’s the maximum number of students who can be held personally by Anodea in a truly sacred and personal manner. This profound support will allow you to go to new places in your healing, and new levels of awakening and integration.

Register NOW! Only a few spots remaining!