Chakra Diagnostics
and Healing
YogaKula Berkeley

Event Date:2014-07-26 - 2014-07-26
Event Location:YogaKula Berkeley
Event Information:Chakra Diagnostics and Healing
Other Contact:YogaKula
Phone Number:510-486-0264

Chakra Diagnostics and Healing

Chakra Diagnostics workshop

What does it mean for a chakra to be out of balance? How do you diagnose your own imbalances? How do you figure out what to do to bring yourself back into balance?

Learn the diagnostic system of excess and deficiency as described in the classic book, EASTERN BODY, WESTERN MIND; and understand its causes and treatment. Building on the former concept of “charge” (see workshop June 7) learn how to use that charge to activate your own energy centers and bring them into better balance. Especially designed to bring your own issues to the class!

Also coming soon to YogaKula Berkeley: Charge, Chakras, and Energy Medicine on June 7th!

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