You May Love Hillary or You May Hate Her

Tipping the Balance

As I ponder reality at this time of the Fall Equinox—typically a time of balance between dark and light—I am painfully aware of two things: 

  • One, that there is a remote chance of a Trump presidency; and
  • Two, that I live in a country where tens of millions of Americans agree with the values of this racist, sexist, xenophobic psychopath

I’m not sure which is worse, but either one signifies that American culture is suffering from a terrible illness, one that could be life-threatening.

Just as sugar increases the growth of cancer, and gasoline fuels a fire, the illness of disenchantment, selfishness, bigotry, and the rule of the dollar over every conceivable moral decision will become fatal if it is fed by a Trump regime change.

The world is living in a tinder box right now. Not only are we increasing the global temperature and burning up forests that would otherwise be carbon fixing, we are living in a time of flaring tempers, police shootings, terrorist bombings, increased drug addiction, and financial corruption.

Feeding hatred at this time could literally throw us into a third world war, one that humanity would be unlikely to survive. It’s that serious, folks.

This is not a time for making a statement via third party candidates, much as we might like to vote our conscience in that way. This is a dire time when the future health of the biosphere is on the verge of a disastrous tipping point, and the preservation of everything we hold dear could tumble into unprecedented chaos and suffering.

This is not a time when we can say there is no difference between the two candidates. Not a time when we can let sensationalism override our good sense. Not a time for us to be complacent and sit back and say the world will go as it will. 

The world will go as we collectively make it go. Not only through our votes, but through our advertising, our news media, our stories, our conversations, and our actions. 

You may love Hillary or you may hate her. It’s not a time to look for perfection or to be ruled by emotions, but by a deep concern for the future of humanity. Elevate the conversation to what is really important. This is a time for all hands on deck. Do your part to tip the balance in the right direction.


Anodea Judith