The Collective Convergence

I see a big C-Change coming: The Collective Convergence of at least five big C’s: Corruption, Catastrophe, Consciousness, Community, and Creativity. Here’s how it works:

On the shadow side we have increasing revelation of Corruption and Catastrophe, as we discover the systemic depth of both of these demons. From government to financial systems to media, corruption is a sign of decay, and its evidence becomes more apparent every day. The old system is dying and corruption is one of its failing vital signs. Its actually good news: a corrupt system is already losing power.

This corruption is causing Catastrophes: such as the financial crisis, failure to avert global warming, food and water shortages, and horrible treatment of humans by other humans. Haiti is just one example of how exploitation impoverished a nation, and left millions more vulnerable to natural catastrophes. Not a pretty picture, but as my co-heart Lion Goodman says, “Emergencies create emergence.” These are the contractions in the process of birthing a new world: part of the rite of passage that will force the dawning of our global maturity.

On the positive side, we have an equal if not greater increase in Consciousness and Community. In terms of consciousness, we are getting smarter and wiser by the day. Our technology is ever more capable; we are better informed with more knowledge at our fingertips; more people are pursuing spiritual practices that raise consciousness; we are finding better ways to care for our health.

While we are getting smarter, we are becoming increasingly Connected. Through these Connections people are combining Consciousness and Community in amazingly Co-Creative ways. These Communities are forming networks through Collaborative enterprises such as Co-housing, Co-intelligence, Co-ops, and just plain Co-hearts Chmoozing together (all right, that’s a cheat). According to Paul Hawken, NGO’s addressing issues of Social Justice, Sustainability, Peace, and Consciousness are forming the biggest movement in the history of humanity. As we Collectively Converge, the grassroots movement of our childhood grows into a mature garden.

There is actually Good News abounding, but terribly underreported. So despite the news that fills you with doom and gloom – know that the opportunity to make a difference has never been greater. What is needed while we go through the darkness is the light of incredible vision of what we can become. If you’re not yet inspired, check out Barbara Marx Hubbard’s new film:

Visions of a Universal Humanity

It took four billion years for evolution to evolve enough consciousness to become conscious of evolution, and only 150 more years to realize we can consciously evolve.

That time is now. We are that consciousness. We are going through the messy evolutionary process of waking up as a common humanity. What’s on the other side is unpredictable: but I predict it’s going to amaze us all.