Chakra Healing Bundle

Start with one of our comprehensive bundles such as The Chakra Healing Bundle loaded with inspirational video, transformational teleclasses, exercises to take you deeper into each chakra and much, much more! This bundle of information and techniques for working with your chakras offers you a wide pallet for your personal and professional transformation. With practices you can use the rest of your life, this valuable resource helps you navigate your way to better health, expanded awareness, and joy. Watch the video below for a teaser and click the link below to see your many bonus items along with 7 Chakra Awakening Videos to take your chakra learning to the next level!

Chakra_healing_graphicAre you aware of your own chakras? Do you know how to diagnose imbalances in yourself or your students and what method to use to bring the chakras back into alignment? Join chakra expert and global teacher/author Anodea Judith for a journey into the inner world of your own chakras.

Are you ready to experience increased joy, creativity, and fulfillment in your life? Then sign up for this healing bundle which includes the 7 Keys to Transformation teleseries and more than 7 videos of Anodea teaching so you can evolve your learning into new behaviors that transform you and your environment! Many bonus items too!


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Creating on Purpose:

Home Learning Course

CoP_teleseries_400x400CREATING ON PURPOSE is a 7-module course that will show you how to manifest your dreams. Based on Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman’s bestselling book that came out of ten years of teaching workshops on the subject, you can now experience this workshop in the comfort of your own home. This seven module online course will guide you step-by-step, chakra-by-chakra, through a process for clarifying your intention, clearing out blocks, and bringing your dreams into reality – down from the crown chakra where they are first conceived and into the grounded reality of the physical world. Using the chakras as a map, you can then apply these techniques to your next dream, and for every dream after that, becoming a master manifestor. You can even teach it to others and co-create your dreams with co-workers, partners, friends, or associates. And if you’re a coach, therapist, financial advisor, or work in a support role for others, these exercises will be useful in your professional work.

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