Protecting the Sacred

Protecting the Sacred

 Courtesy Little Redfeather Design/Honor the Earth

Here at Sacred Centers, we like to put the sacred front and center in all that we do. 

So you can imagine how I felt hearing about the violation of Native American sacred lands by the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

We’ve all heard about the hazards of the Keystone XL Pipeline, but while its completion has been halted, at least for now, the Dakota Access Pipeline has gone largely unnoticed. 

Until now.

There are many levels to this horrendous story.

First of all, consider that we are facing unprecedented disaster through the continued burning of fossil fuels that contribute to the growing climate crisis. Given that fact alone, it doesn’t make sense to spend $3.8 billion for a nearly 1200-mile underground pipeline to carry toxic, fracked oil from North Dakota across four states and under the Missouri River (where it could pollute the water) to get it to Illinois. This alone is insane. 

Secondly, the pipeline construction passes through Native American burial grounds and sacred lands. 

Thirdly, after a court order was filed on Friday to protect and stipulate just where the sacred lands were, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Energy Transfer Partners Company desecrated those exact areas, only 12 hours after the evidence was filed, on a holiday weekend. This could only have been deliberate. 


Fourth: In response to this desecration, hundreds of Native Americans gathered from many tribes to stage a peaceful protest in protection of their lands. They were met with biting attack dogs and pepper spray. The appearance of these dogs on the site were evidence that this was a pre-meditated attack, as the dogs were apparently transported from Ohio and purposely set out on the crowd.

The tribes have obtained a temporary order to halt construction through this Friday, but this whole thing needs much more public attention. We cannot live in a world where money and oil dominate everything that is sacred while driving us faster into extinction.

You can find out more about this story here

You can sign a petition for stopping this here

Thanks for listening.

Anodea Judith