Prayers for Our World

As this sordid election season draws toward its conclusion, it is time to call upon our highest prayers for an outcome that can point us toward a sustainable future. At this incredible tipping point, none of us can remain on the sidelines.

We must vote, but we must also pray.

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In the next few days, pray that the values of the higher chakras—wisdom, vision, truth, and love—will triumph over the debased improprieties around money, sex, and power. 

Pray that the future will call us forth with the best of humanity, not the worst. 

Pray that we move from the love of power to the power of love. 

Pray that we see the whole picture, not our own selfish needs, and that we don’t vote out of anger or hate. 

Pray that we remember the lessons of Hitler and Bush who got voted in because of a third party candidate, and what happened to millions of Jews and Iraqis because of it. 

Pray that the ways of the sacred will prevail at Standing Rock, and the rampant greed that makes someone like Donald Trump a quasi hero to the dispossessed will give way toward something that enables us to work together. 

Pray that for the first time in 240 years, our daughters will know that anything is possible. 

Image found on http://wakeup-world.comPray that the people will come together toward a peaceful acceptance of the outcome without violence.

The whole world is watching what we do on November 8th.

 Millions of foreigners will be affected by the choices we make, and they can’t vote. If we don’t address climate change, their cities will be flooded, their farmland dried up, millions more refugees will be looking for a viable place to live. Already close to a point of no return on climate, the decision we make in this election will affect the whole world and the future of humanity.

Millions of students, getting ready for college will be affected by this decision.

People of color, already oppressed by a racism that keeps many in poverty and kills innocent people, will be affected by this decision. The lives of immigrants and their children will be affected.

Those who are sick and need their health insurance to stay alive will be affected.

What will Americans choose?  Hate and fear, or hard work and vision? Will we see through the web of lies and vote for the truth? Pray that we will.

Every night before you go to sleep, visualize the future of our world, shining in light and beauty, with a healthy environment, sustainable prosperity, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment.

And we don’t have to stop praying after Nov 8th. There’s still a long way to go. But these next few days need all of our efforts—and prayers. 

Thank you,
Anodea Judith