Perfect Storm

As the storm rages its way up the northeastern seacoast, I think of all the people dealing with its effects. So many of you are close to me, even at a great distance. My prayers go out to you. I realize that if you’re out of power you won’t even be able to read this message, but when you get back on, you’ll know we are thinking of you out here in California as you weather the storm.

Hurricane Sandy

I hope you hold close together, remember your community and loved ones, and help each other out where you can. Perhaps your yoga and meditation will keep you strong. Crises like this force a new operating principle, and take us closer into the power of love. They erode our usual boundaries and evoke a sense of connection and compassion.


I also see that the confluence of factors, which meteorologists call a “Perfect Storm,” signal a profound wake-up call about climate change. I hope these dark storm clouds have a silver lining of bringing more attention and preventative measures to this urgent environmental issue, and show people how serious and damaging its effects can be.

The bad news is that storms such as these will become more frequent and serious in the years to come if we continue to allow our climate crises to go unattended. Already the Arctic Ice is melting faster than predicted, with dire consequences for our future. Still so little is said about it in the media, or on either side of the presidential debates. Mitt Romney even wants to axe FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which provides support, assistance and emergency relief when things like this occur. In addition Romney plans to put a key oil lobbyist in his administration.

It is essential that our media do the responsible thing and alert the public to this critical issue of climate change. It is criminal not to do so and will result in even more damage from such storms in the future. I know we are approaching Halloween, but how much scarier does it need to get before we take action?

Do what you can, get out and vote, no matter the weather. If we spend all this money on Homeland Security, but can’t be honest about what’s happening in our Homeland, we are putting money in the wrong place. Storms such as these impact our future safety far more than the contents of our toothpaste carried on airplanes.

Become part of the evolutionary thrust that cares about our future. Future generations will thank you.