Manifesting Through the Chakras: 7-wk Course

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Mastering the Spiritual Technology of Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

With Manifesting through the Chakras, you’ll gain the building blocks for manifesting based on your divine blueprint and lifelong tools to help you remove the stumbling blocks along the way. It will set your creativity on fire, enabling you to create clear results for any project or vision you wish to create.

You are a committed visionary, and you have important plans and dreams that want to be created, shared and celebrated. However, so many of us get bogged down trying to manifest in ways that don’t generate adequate resources, momentum or results. And we often get stuck and allow “life” to get in the way of following that deeper calling – whether it’s publishing a book, starting a new business, living in a foreign country, finishing a project or serving the world.

So what if manifesting could feel joyful, relaxing, even easy? And what if you had a roadmap for manifesting your heart’s desires and a process for permanently clearing the obstacles that prevent you from creating what you truly want in life?

This course led by world-renowned chakra expert Anodea Judith gives you that roadmap – and a step-by-step plan to clear the obstacles at each level and catapult you into the world of co-creating with Spirit.

Using the powerful “technology” of the Chakra System, accessible through your own body, each week Anodea will guide you in specific exercises and practices that will strengthen the areas that tend to go out of alignment and get you off track from your life vision.

Gaining a Time-Tested Template for Your Transformation

While there are many manifestation-type courses, workshops and books available, most of them offer more simplistic formulas that focus on just one aspect of your being. This course offers you an integrated, holistic approach that allows you to harness the powers and capacities you have within each part of yourself. It offers you a week-by-week, time-tested template for transformation to bring yourself back into wholeness – the source of all great creativity.

With Manifesting through the Chakras, you’ll gain the building blocks for manifesting based on your divine blueprint and lifelong tools to help you remove the stumbling blocks along the way. It will set your creativity on fire, enabling you to create clear results for any project or vision you wish to create.

Coming Back Down to Earth to Bring Your Dreams into Reality

Most people think of the Chakra System as an upwardly mobile map for ascending to higher levels of transcendence, seeking the jewel of the crown chakra at the top.

Few people realize that in the ancient texts, the Chakra System also represents a process for condensing consciousness into the many levels of manifestation that we experience as reality. This descending current of consciousness takes us back down to earth and brings our dreams into reality.

Whether your dream is personal or global, a business or a community, this course will help you condense and clarify your ideas and keep you on track in a step-by-step process for making your visions become real. You can then apply these steps to anything you want to create, alone or with others.

We begin in consciousness with conception of an idea (crown chakra) and focus our intentions into a clear vision (brow chakra), then learn to communicate that vision effectively (throat chakra). This brings us into the realm of relationship, service and co-creation (heart chakra). By focusing our will (power chakra), we find the right connections, movement, passion and balance (sacral chakra), and take specific grounded actions in the physical world to bring our projects to completion (root chakra), step by step.

At this time on the planet we are being asked, not only to seek liberation and transcendence, but also to bring the divine into us and through our actions, to become effective change agents… for co-creating Heaven on Earth.

How You Can Benefit

Join Anodea Judith, the world’s leading expert in transformation through the chakras, for this 7-week course and you’ll gain:

  • Clarity in how to identify, visualize and manifest your most important dreams
  • A deep understanding of the step-by-step manifestation process, so you can apply to any project, dream or goal
  • Greater energy and vitality from aligning with your Divine source
  • The capacity to create your dreams quickly and easily
  • An ability to gracefully move through the inevitable obstacles and resistance that arises
  • Lifelong goal-setting skills where you know exactly how to break large projects down into manageable chunks
  • Deeper awareness of where you create barriers within yourself — and how to overcome them
  • Inspiration and support to manifest your soul’s calling

About Anodea Judith, PhD

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking thinker, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of many books on the subject of human psychology, transformation and social change. Her works include, Waking the Global Heart, Eastern Body-Western Mind, Wheels of Life, The Sevenfold Journey, Contact: The Yoga of Relationships, Chakra Balancing and the award-winning video, “The Illuminated Chakras. She spent 20 years as a psychologist in private practice applying these principles to personal development, but now travels the world presenting talks on our global challenges. She has been called “a prophet for our time.”

What Students Have Experienced…

Wanted you to know that your course served as a huge launching pad for some really powerful changes in my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teachings and holding the space for all of us.

David W.

For those avid seekers of self-awareness & personal healing, Anodea Judith’s chakra work is unsurpassed!


I have taken several workshops with Anodea over the years (Creation is Ecstasy, Journey through the Chakras, and multiple Chakra Yoga weekends), and each of them were utterly transformational, both personally and professionally. Of all of the workshops I have attended over the years from a variety of healers, teachers and shamans, Anodea’s were by far the most impactful. I can’t wait to go again!!

Theresa Rose

Anodea is one of the great, compassionate teachers! Her knowledge of the Chakras is unparalleled. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to take classes and courses with her and look forward to more in the future.

Jeffrey Simons

Anodea’s workshop on the psychology of the chakras was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. She took us on a wild journey across the rainbow bridge of the chakras, down to the depths of our souls, and up to the furthest reaches of our consciousness. The workshop was both informative and enlightening.

Katie T.

If you have a dream, any dream, and especially if it is BIG, this workshop (“Creation is Ecstasy” with Anodea Judith) opens you to the technology of creative manifestation.


If you wonder how to get your dreams into reality, I highly recommend taking the Creation is Ecstasy: manifestation workshop!

Monica C.

My intention with the Manifestation workshop was to be focused and courageous and to continue my journey with confidence. It surpassed my expectations, plus a larger manifestation evolved!

Mirella D.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Seven 90-minute class sessions with Anodea Judith, including live, interactive calls plus Q&A time.
  • Seven 30-minute small group practice sessions.
  • Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-learning.
  • Optional online learning community throughout each week with Anodea and other course participants.
  • Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).
  • PDF transcripts for each class session.
  • Exclusive Bonus Session with Devaa Haley Mitchell and others to be announced.

Course: Manifesting through the Chakras with Anodea Judith, PhD

Price: $287

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