We all need to take care of this planet together

The new year is the only time of year that everyone in the world acknowledges the same day, regardless of what country you live in, what religion you practice, what race, age, or gender you are.  We all mark this moment together, this new beginning, this time of hope for a fresh start.

And even though one day still follows another, the significance of this new beginning allows us to change old habits, look ahead, and really consider what we want to create during the coming year. A time for deep reflection, so very much needed as we go through another year of our planetary initiation from the old ways to the new, from the love of power to the power of love.

One thing I did over the holidays was list the various areas of my life, (the dream categories in the Creating on Purpose book), such as work, relationship, friends, creativity, health, education, service, fun, spiritual growth, and rate them all for 2015 on a scale of 1-10 to see which ones were doing well and which were lacking. I saw clearly how work and travel scored very high, but time with friends and personal health got sacrificed, and my level of service wasn’t quite high enough to be proud of. I intend to change all that in 2016.

What are you planning to do this year that’s different? Which areas of your life do you want to focus on? What’s your dream and what do you want to create? Where does your service lie?

One way to really bring your year into focus and manifest those dreams is with a Creating on Purpose workshop (check our calendar for upcoming dates). Here you can clarify your goals and learn a step by step plan for how to bring them into manifestation, with fun filled exercises to remove the blocks at each chakra from top to bottom. Many of my students say it is their favorite workshop of them all.

Other workshops coming up offer training in chakra yoga, chakra psychology and body based therapy, with a full calendar here.

Also check out our online courses, both past and current, especially by a new teacher, Dr. Jacqueline Chan on Doctoring your Chakras, and a brand new 7 month advanced course from me on CHARGE! (This one isn’t listed yet, but will be offered through The Shift Network and will be announced shortly.)

For me, the overwhelming things calling me this year are beauty and service. It is not quite enough that I serve through my books, teachings and travels, much as I am honored and humbled to do so. I want to give more to my community, help awaken consciousness to the incredible danger and opportunity that faces us at this time, and continue my vision of co-creating Heaven on Earth.

To that end, I have become aware of the incredibly deep and hidden problem of human sex trafficking, not just in other countries, but right here in the U.S. underneath our noses. Shared Hope International is an organization that works with this issue and you can go to their website to find out how to help or to donate to this important cause that has become one of highest paying crime rackets in the U.S.

I also intend to create beauty by instigating some downtown gardening efforts to beautify the town I live in on local efforts without spending a lot of money. I was inspired by San Francisco’s Quesada Garden initiative, and the way that crime fell when neighbors got together to plant their median strip on the street.

We all need to take care of this planet together. I believe we are already seeing the world turn a corner, through the Paris climate talks, passage of gay marriage, the efforts of Pope Francis, new green technologies, new ways of healing, movies that are revealing the true stories behind child sexual abuse in the church (Spotlight) and the financial crisis (The Big Short) and much, much more.

But 2016 will be a defining year as to whether our turning the corner will truly take us in a new direction.

Will you do your part?

Happy New Year, 
Anodea Judith