Hooray, Hooray,
it’s Finally May!




In the ancient Pagan calendar, the beginning of May is known as Beltane,the point halfway between spring equinox and summer solstice. This is my favorite holiday, as I love the bursting of spring, the promise of summer, and the exuberant dance into the season of light. In the Wheel of the Year, as it is called in mystery traditions, Beltane represents the Gods’ reunion day, or the Sacred Marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. From their union is born the Divine Child that carries the seed into the future.

In celebration of Beltane, we dance around the Maypole. This obviously masculine symbol rises from Earth to Heaven, connecting the two. Within us, the Maypole represents the core, where Heaven and Earth are united through our chakras. As we come into our core, through aligning our earthly bodies and our highest spiritual aspirations, our visions, creativity, love, power, and erotic union, we become that fusion of Divine Mother and Father: we become the Divine Child. We are just now awakening to our divinity, still innocent, yet discovering we have powers beyond either parent, beyond anything that has come before.

Dancing around the Maypole, we weave colorful ribbons with song, with blessings and prayers. The circle represents the feminine field. It is the realm of connection, relationship, community, co-creation–all the possibilities that happen when we work together. It is what holds us, sustains us, nurtures us. This dance is an ancient rite, and here at home, on our Heavenly Hilltop, we have cut a Maypole from the woods for that purpose, which we will dance around this weekend.

The Sacred Marriage and the emergence of the Divine Child archetype is one of the major themes of my new book, THE GLOBAL HEART AWAKENS, which finally went off to the printer just yesterday (on the first of May!). This theme is a defining myth for our emergence into an era of the heart: ruled by the power of love, the power of joining together, balancing the archetypes of masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, mind and body, through the sacred center of the core. The book’s official release date is July 1, and you will surely hear more about it as the time approaches. I feel it is the magnum opus of my life’s work, a deep analysis of where we are on this planet, how we got here, and how to move forward, the map for our planetary awakening.

So this Beltane, however you celebrate, honor the divine in yourself, in each other, in the earth and sky. Let these forces merge together in love. Get outside and experience the miraculous rebirth of nature–the wildflowers, the melting snow, the lengthening days, the rushing streams, all the miracles of renewal that make life possible.

And know that the awakening of the divine is going on in all of us to the degree that we can tune in, turn on the Shakti, and show up as evolutionary agents as this amazing time on the planet.

Happy Beltane!

With love,
Anodea Judith

P.S. Stay tuned to future newletters where we will be offering some brand new teleseminars on relationship, the global heart, and manifestation!