Heaven on Earth: Skiing in the Dolomites

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We all have dreams.  Dreams are how we would LOVE life to be.  In fact we spend much of our time comparing our current reality to the reality we really want and whine about the difference. We do this in our relationships, our jobs, and the way we judge our body, our behavior, and our accomplishments.  Most of us wish we had more money, more fun, a better relationship, or were making a bigger contribution.

But do we actually take time to plan for our dreams?  Do we dream equally in the various areas of our lives, such as career, home, community, learning, or spirituality? Do we understand how all our dreams fit into a larger life purpose?

Come learn how to create with me! Create your life on purpose and live a happier, healthier, fuller life!
I have offered this Creating on Purpose workshop throughout the world to rave reviews, with past participants commenting, “I am fulfilling my wildest dream,” and “I smashed through my limiting beliefs.” 

If you feel stuck in your life, simple obstacles may be preventing you from creating what you want. In this workshop, learn tools, techniques and practices to clear the obstacles at each chakra and catapult you into the life you want.
Please join me at Prana Shanti in Ottawa October 2-5, 2014. These four days will set your world on fire, enabling you to create miraculous results.
“I have a deeper knowledge of who I am, what beliefs have hindered me, and what to do next. I felt supported, encouraged, and empowered.” ~Jessica Phillips
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