Earth Day: We Can Still Make a Difference!

“We won’t have peace on the Earth,
until we make peace with the Earth.”
Julia Butterfly Hill 

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I haven’t been writing blogs for the usual holidays there’s far too many already—but Earth Day provides such a crucial focus for our times. All our spiritual efforts are for naught if we don’t take care of this planet, not only for future generations, but for the sake of Mother Earth herself. 

I am circulating a petition (see below) from an organization I’ve been involved with, declaring an emergency situation for climate change. Indeed, if we stopped doing everything causing climate change right now, we would still be facing many disasters in the future due to rising sea levels, increased temperatures, and weather disasters. The recent flow of refugees in Europe is only the tip of the iceberg (perhaps 10%) of what we could see from displaced populations due to flooding of coastal cities around the world, and severe drought threatening food supply, if we continue to stand by and do nothing.

Statements like that can make us want to bury our heads in the sand, saying, “There’s nothing we can do, so why bother?”

Get this: We who are alive today are the luckiest generation ever. We have had the glory of experiencing Nature in her wild untrammeled beauty with a normal climate. We have lived at a time of relative abundance and freedom, gotten to ride the wave of technology that allows us to see the world, and those of us on the elder side won’t be alive to see the worst of what is to come.

That gives us a tremendous responsibility to do something, now, while we can still make a difference.

Will you take a moment to sign this petition and send it forward to your networks to gather even more support?

I thank you for your Earth Day present.

Now go plant a tree!  (And sign the petition below…)