Happy Earth Day To You!

“We will not have peace on the Earth 
until we have peace with the Earth.” 

—Julia Butterfly Hill

For those who might not remember Julia Butterfly Hill, she’s a woman who spent two whole years 180 feet off the ground, living in an ancient redwood tree to keep it from being logged. She lasted through two cold and stormy California winters (back when it rained more) and her feet never touched ground the whole time. People brought her food and water, and she managed to take care of all her survival needs from a 10 x 10 foot platform up in the air. Now she is an activist and an inspiring speaker on environmental issues. What dedication!   

Julia Butterfly Hill

Now, more than ever, the future of our planet is at stake. A paradigm that has denigrated the Earth and our bodies still prevails, even as we calculate the measurements from all sectors that tell us our world is in danger.

The first Earth Day was in 1970, 44 years ago. At the time, worrying about our environment was a brand new concept. Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, had alerted the nation to the dangers of DDT and other chemicals released into the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the plants we eat.

Earth First Chakra RootsEarth represents our first chakra, our foundation. We must build a strong foundation to last into the future and to reach our highest heights. That foundation needs to have its roots in the Earth, in nature. Without harmony with our senior partner, we simply will not survive.

Prayers are not enough. We need activism. Activism is not enough, we also need prayers. We need to connect to the Earth every day, not just on Earth Day. We need to remember our ancient mother, and heal the single parented culture that grew up with only a father. We need to find our way back to not only embodiment, but “emplacement” or realizing that we are embedded in a place that is divine, alive, intelligent, and exquisitely sophisticated. 

Earth is our home, but it’s time for some deep housecleaning.

If our job is to make Heaven on Earth, that means a healthy environment, wholesome food, clean air and water, and green energy.  

I highly recommend listening to Shift Network’s Spring of Sustainability for ways you can learn and serve.

Anodea Judith