Praise & Press

“Waking the Global Heart is a powerful guide through
the violence and brilliance of the past up to the present and beyond. She sets our potential for transformation in this evolutionary, historical context and really opens the doors of possibility wide. It’s a beautiful piece of work.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious
Evolution, Emergence
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“Science has revealed that the planet is deep into its sixth mass extinction. This time, the direct result of human behavior. Anodea Judith’s Waking the Global Heart provides illuminating insight as to how we arrived at this crossroad and how, if we change our perceptions of life, we can heal the environment and ourselves. Read this book and help save our world.”
Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
Cell biologist and best selling author of The Biology of
Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness,
Matter and Miracles


“To Anodea Judith, whose work established the foundation for conscious development in the 20th century. With gratitude, love and blessings.”
Carl Llewellyn Weschcke,
CEO Llewellyn Worldwide, author, The Llewellyn
Complete handbook of Psychic Empowerment


“Anodea Judith masterfully weaves together stories of underworld journeys, sacred initiations, Eros, Earth Mother, Sky God, sexual repression, the rebel Jesus, Christianity’s conversion, the hero’s return and much more to expose the mythic underpinnings of the unfolding human crisis and awaken the imagination to the human possibilities now at hand. I love this book and highly recommend it “
David C. Korten,
author, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth
Community and When Corporations Rule the World.Board chair, of Yes! magazine


“On behalf of the Inside Edge and it’s board members, I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for your presentation on Nov. 29, 2006. As one of our members commented, you gave us the whole history of civilization in living color. Now we know, from our conversation after you spoke, that “civilization” is not the correct word. As we change our vocabulary, we change our perceptions.

The idea of our planet as an adolescent male running on oil, obsessed with sibling rivalry, brandishing a sword at problems that can’t be solved that way, is so appropriately graphic. Indeed, we will all recall your message in images: the catapillar in transformation to the butterfly, the imaginal cells, the stages of initiation, the chakras, and the spiral that unites the competitive and hierarchical with the collaborative feminine moving the global heart to support the global brain.

Thank you for coming to us. Please consider another visit, for you left us thirsty for dialog. Also, keep me informed of your workshops so that I can send out emails to our membership. You are an amazing light-worker.”
Adrian S. Windsor,
Ph.D. , The Inside Edge Foundation of Education


“Waking the Global Heart has been written for our day in history. In Anodea Judith’s brilliant weaving of the inner world of spiritual reality and mythic power with the world we now see daily teetering on the edge of chaos, she reminds us that transformation lies ahead. When you put this book down you will see that a heart centered civilization is an evolutionary stage that awaits us. She reminds us that we cannot resist the beauty that lies in the heart of humanity and that the heart will ever draw us to our truest purpose. “
James O’Dea President,
Ph.D. , Institute of Noetic Sciences


“With compassion and insight, Anodea Judith explores one of humanity’s most critical questions: Where are we on the human journey? She looks at the monumental challenges now facing the human family and sees a hopeful rite of passage ahead—one that will enable us to move from our adolescence as a species and into our early adulthood. Anodea Judith offers a larger, mythic story to guide humanity into our initial maturity—a compelling archetype of humanity’s compassionate heart that can enable us to pull together on behalf of a promising future. Judith’s book looks ahead with hope and celebrates relationships revitalized by the dynamic feminine. “
Duane Elgin,
author of Promise Ahead and Voluntary Simplicity, Awakening Earth


“Through an artful annealing of myth, history, and psychology, Anodea Judith has created a thoughtful guide for the perplexed. Accessible, well wrought, and insightful, Waking the Global Heart approaches the angst of our time holistically and offers a solution that both embraces the outer planet and each of our inner worlds. “
Leonard Shlain,
author of The Alphabet Versus the Goddess and Sex, Time and Power