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The Collective Convergence

Dear Co-Heart:
I see a big C-Change coming: The Collective Convergence of at least five big C’s: Corruption, Catastrophe, Consciousness,Community, and Creativity. Here’s how it works: On the shadow side we have increasing revelation of Corruption and Catastrophe, as we discover the systemic depth of both of these demons. From government to financial systems to media, corruption is a sign of decay, and its evidence becomes more apparent every day. The old system is dying and corruption is one of its failing vital signs. Its actually good news: a corrupt system is already losing power.
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Using the 12 Steps for Global Recovery

Dear Co-Hearts:
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been labeled the worst environmental disaster in decades. Caused by an explosion of pressure 18,000 feet below the surface (over 3 miles), our technology is not equipped with the ability to cap the leak that is spouting 200,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf region, and possibly effecting every ocean on the planet. Humans cannot even withstand pressure at that depth, only robotic machines. Does anybody look at this as an addiction that’s now hit bottom and has now become unmanageable?
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