Getting Grounded

Here it is, the first Monday of the new year, where we are putting away the last vestiges of the holidays and getting grounded for the new year.

Getting grounded pulls us down to practicalities, down to the root chakra, muladhara, whose name means root support. Plugging into the earth is like plugging a television set into the wall socket. Once it’s connected, it’s then ready to receive on the various channels.

The chakras are the various channels in which we receive, assimilate, and express life force energy. If we are not grounded, we limit our ability to handle energy effectively, just as a flower without roots will burn out quickly in the sun.

Grounding also implies the limits of the earth plane, which act as a container to hold our roots. Just as a flower pot holds the dirt around the roots of a plant, our ability to hold and contain energy is essential to filling up and activating the higher chakras. This means knowing our limits, having good boundaries, and being able to focus, concentrate, be still, and settle down into our body.

Grounding is the final destination of the manifestation current, and it is here that we aim our higher energies, into the target of whatever we choose to manifest. For more about the manifestation current, click here.

Here’s a simple exercise to help open your legs as the roots to your first chakra:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, heels out slightly wider than the toes. Let your knees be slightly bent.

Press down and out into your feet as if you were trying to push apart the floor­boards beneath you. Feel how solid your legs become.

To charge up this ground, inhale as you bend your knees out over your toes and exhale as you push your legs into the floor SLOWLY. Imagine you are pushing into the core of each leg. Continue inhaling while bending and exhaling while SLOWLY straightening your legs, being careful not to lock your knees at any point.

Within a few minutes you should start to feel a slight tremble in your legs. Allow the trembling to happen; surrender to it. Notice what movements make the trembling stronger. The longer you do the exercise the more intense that trembling will become. See if you can let the energy flow up your legs, into your root, and then up through your whole torso. 

You will feel more awake and alive!

PS: If you feel over-charged as a result of this exercise, stamp or kick your feet into the ground a few times, or go for a walk or a run.

Light and Love,

Anodea Judith