The Initiation Begins

The Future Hangs In Precarious Balance

The Initiation Begins

Here we are, 4 days away from the Electoral College vote on Dec 19, and 5 days away from the darkest time of the year. Indeed, things are very dark in the world right now. But it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Have you noticed that the chaos is mounting? The great unraveling is beginning. Truth and fiction intertwine in a cacophonous media to continually obscure the obvious. It’s the way of initiation to sow confusion, to force the initiate to choose amid the fog – the high road or the low? Love or hate? Truth or falsehood? The right or wrong choice can mean life or death.

Cyberspace, that brilliant neuro-net of the global brain upon which we all depend, is proving to be a trickster god that can both reveal and obscure truths, as well as fabricate and magnify lies. Even our democracy is now helplessly in the hands of fallible computers, subject to hacking, while email scandals make or break an election and the future of our world.

Thus begins the initiation of humanity from the love of power to the power of love.

Which do we choose?

f5e4733e9ed9247887f22e4631ddb587We are still in the window of possibility where it could go either way.

There is mounting evidence of interference in our elections, possibly by the Russians,  possibly by the FBI. On one level, we might say, so what else is new? Dirty politics are as old as politics itself.

But in this election, the stakes are so much bigger: the future of the world itself.

We have a window of 6-10 years, to either minimize climate change (too late to stop it) or plunge into irreversible global catastrophe. We cannot afford a president who denies climate change and appoints his Old Boy’s Network of billionaire oil tycoons to destroy our beautiful world.

Whatever else may be said about electing a man who hides his tax returns, lies with impunity, denigrates women and minorities, has never held political office, wants to gut social security, Medicare, Planned Parenthood, Gay Marriage and more, this one fact stands out.

Either the human experiment triumphs as we wiggle our messy way toward planetary adulthood and a new organizing principle, or we throw it all to unprecedented disaster in the next century.

The turning point is now, at this darkest time of the year.

The balance hangs upon 38 people out of 538: the number of Electoral College voters that need to change their vote to keep Trump from being inaugurated to the world’s top position of power. Apparently 20 are already wavering.

Here’s an open letter to the Electors. Feel free to use it yourself and/or share with others, encouraging them to do the same. And here’s a list of the Elector emails to send your letter to.

There’s a long way to go on the journey ahead no matter what happens, but the turning point is now.

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Yours in struggle,
Anodea Judith