Do You Dare to Dream?

Insights-from-Anodea1“Most people spend more time planning their summer
vacation than they do planning the rest of their life.”
—Author and life coach, Dave Ellis

We all have dreams.  Dreams are how we would LOVE life to be.  In fact we spend much of our time comparing our current reality to the reality we really want and whine about the difference. We do this in our relationships, our jobs, and the way we judge our body, our behavior, and our accomplishments.  Most of us wish we had more money, more fun, a better relationship, or were making a bigger contribution.

But do we actually take time to plan for our dreams?  Do we dream equally in the various areas of our lives, such as career, home, community, learning, or spirituality? Do we understand how all our dreams fit into a larger life purpose?


Not that there’s anything wrong with planning a summer vacation. When I first examined my dreams in all the areas I’m going to suggest, I realized I hadn’t made a plan for a vacation in several years, and because of that, I hadn’t taken one. Once I considered what I most wanted to do (take a trip to India) it manifested by itself within a few weeks with an invitation to teach at a conference there, which covered my whole trip, plane fare and traveling.

I dare you to look into each of these areas of your life and write down your dreams for each one. Allow yourself to dream big. Notice which areas represent dreams you are well aware of, and which ones haven’t quite grabbed your attention. Maybe you long to lose weight but have never considered having a fit body a viable dream you can actually plan to accomplish. Maybe you never considered a dream for creative expression, like learning to paint or play an instrument. Maybe your dreams have been self-oriented, and it’s time to dream bigger and create something that serves the world around you. Or maybe you’ve been working on the same dream for a long time, getting bogged down.

All dreams have obstacles. Obstacles can be internal, such as thoughts and feelings, or external such as the limitations of time, money and skills. Obstacles are just things to handle. The difference between those who manifest their dreams and those who fail is not the number of obstacles, but knowing the proper tools to handle them.

In Creating on Purpose, we show you how to handle the obstacles, internal and external, at each chakra level, so that creating your dreams becomes joyful and ecstatic.

But first, dare to dream in each of these areas, and write down the obstacles you need to handle:


  1. Relationships, Children, Family
  2. Money and finances
  3. Career and work
  4. Leisure, fun, recreation, play, and relaxation
  5. Body, health, and vitality
  6. Learning and teaching, intellectual stimulation
  7. Personal growth
  8. Spiritual fulfillment or study
  9. Artistic or creative expression
  10. Home, surroundings, and nature
  11. Social and political involvement
  12. Community service and environment
  13. Service to the world
  14. Any others?

Take the test. See what your dreams are made of in each of these areas, and join us if you want to bring some of those dreams down into reality, by learning how the downward path of the chakras brings your thoughts and ideas into concrete manifestation.

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