Wheels of Life
(digital download)

Anodea Judith with Rick Hamouris

Relax and open your mind to an unforgettable journey through the hidden realms of the seven chakras. Both instructional and experiential, this CD recording will take you effortlessly through each of the seven chakras in turn, with guided imagery and hypnotic musical background. Led by the narration of Anodea Judith from the meditations in her book, Wheels of Life, this CD can be used as a self-healing tool. Enhanced by the music of Rick Hamouris, keyed specifically to each chakra, you will be transported through the many textures and emotions that characterize the experience of each level.

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01 Introduction – Wheel of Life.mp3
02 Chakra One – Muladhara.mp3
03 Chakra Two – Svadhisthana.mp3
04 Chakra Three – Manipura.mp3
05 Chakra Four – Anahata.mp3
06 Chakra Five – Vissuddha.mp3
07 Chakra Six – Ajna.mp3
08 Chakra Seven – Sahasrara.mp3