Creating A World That Works

OK, I admit it. I have an agenda. I always have, underneath everything I say and do.

I want to be part of a movement to create Heaven on Earth. I believe that’s what we’re here for, what we’re here to learn.

I know it’s possible. We’ve been given a heavenly planet to start with, one whose natural diversity already works divinely. We have incredible brains, upright bodies, and hands with opposable thumbs. We have all the tools and technology — and even knowledge — that we need in order to do it.

Sure there’s always more to learn, but the power of the average person to make a contribution is higher than at any time in history.

If creating Heaven on Earth out of the mess we’re in right now seems like a tall order, it is. If you look at it logically, it seems impossible. So why even try?

Well, think about this:

If a pregnant woman who had never seen anyone give birth suddenly started going into labor, she would think she was dying. If she was told she’d bring a living human out of an opening far too small to be imaginable, she’d be even more certain she was going to die. Yet the miracle of birth happens every day. The painful contractions create an opening somewhere else, for something new to emerge.

The contractions going on in our world are giving birth to something new. Every insult levied against minorities, the poor, women, immigrants, or common decency is like a homeopathic remedy, garnering humanity’s immune system to become stronger, healthier, and more united than ever. Painful as it is, we are giving birth to the future.

The birth process can’t be stopped, but it can certainly be helped. We can learn how to create a world from our dreams, a world we know in our hearts is possible. For the first time ever, humanity can affect evolution on purpose. It took billions of years to evolve a creature with enough consciousness to even become conscious of evolution. And now we are asked to consciously evolve.

It’s going to take a huge number of manifestors to achieve this dream. It’s going to take people with a vision, working together from higher consciousness, awakening and supporting each other.

That’s why I do what I do. Climbing up the chakras, we liberate. We heal our wounds, transcend our limitations, and climb the ladder to Heaven.

But then our task is to come back down, bringing Heaven to Earth, through “down to earth” practices for effective manifestation. We need to activate the manifesting current.

You can learn this step by step process and become a master manifestor. It’s not airy-fairy fantasy, nor is it rocket science. It’s simply learning the steps and the practices to remove blocks in each chakra that interfere with bringing our dreams into reality.

Whether you are in the process of liberating or manifesting, we have a workshop for you. Come check out the live experience and discover for yourself what’s possible.