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The certification program enabled me to take my understanding and experience of the chakras to a much deeper level in both my personal and professional life. Working with Anodea over the years, taking her classes, assisting her in workshops and doing personal coaching calls with her has helped me heal past traumas, open up more fully to my full power, and meet lots of wonderful chakra co-hearts.
—Jenni Holloway


Wondering about
Sacred Centers Certification?

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Sacred Centers Certification

The Sacred Centers Certification Program (SCCP) trains individuals in a thorough understanding and application of the chakra model for personal and professional development. SCCP empowers spiritual catalysts to carry this work into the world. Graduates of SCCP translate the chakra model into diverse professional settings in the service of healing and awakening.

Do You Feel Called?

Do the chakras speak to you as a life-affirming, transformational path? Do you feel that your work with others would be enhanced by using the chakra model? Do you wish to find a path of service that integrates the spiritual with the practical, speaks to both mind and body, and offers profound guidance to others? Are you a yoga teacher, psychotherapist, or other kind of healer that wishes to take your work to a new level? Then we invite you to join us!

We invite you to become a…


How You Will Benefit?

Sacred Centers graduates often integrate their learning into their professional lives as yoga teachers, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, and coaches. Professional Certification graduates can advertise their practices on our referral page, list their classes under graduate events, and publish articles on the website. In addition, each student becomes part of an ongoing community of Sacred Centers Co-Hearts, connected through periodic conference calls, meetings, and collaboration on projects. This powerful connection to the Sacred Centers community deepens students’ engagement with the chakra model, assists them in their unfolding mission in the world, and provides an opportunity for inspiring and empowering each other.

Co-Heart Benefits

  • Join our Certification Forum to ask questions to other fellow Co-Hearts
  • Get 15% off all Sacred Centers products
  • Already taken a class and want to take it again? Receive 50% off the next time you retake a Sacred Centers hosted teleclass or workshop!
  • Upon completion, students become a certified Sacred Centers Co-Heart!

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Professional Certification Student Benefits
Every Professional Certification Student is a Co-Heart.

  • Receive initial and ongoing personal guidance throughout the program
  • Priority consideration to assist in Sacred Centers courses, which also allows you to attend the workshop for FREE!
  • Join our Certification Forum to ask questions to other fellow Co-Hearts
  • Get connected with a buddy to stay on track!

Special Privileges for Professional Certification Students!
Must be paid in full.

  • Get bonus gifts – Coming soon!
  • Receive 50% off all teleclasses hosted by Sacred Centers

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Sacred Centers Professional Graduate Student Benefits

Graduates can…

  • Advertise their practices on our referral page
  • List their classes under graduate events
  • Publish articles on the Sacred Centers website

Teacher Track graduates…

  • Receive a beautiful 105-page PDF download of the Sacred Centers Teacher Manual
  • Get referrals from Anodea for teaching workshops

Completing the Sacred Centers Certification Program is an organic process that offers profound personal growth. As you integrate the wide range of learning and wisdom of the chakras into your own inner development, your ability to teach and guide others grows exponentially. Expect to be transformed!


YES! I feel the call for Professional Certification!