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It is said that the future is already here – it is just unevenly distributed. Kin-Ships are life boats in the storm of creation-places from which the future can spring. Like chakras, kin-ships are centers of organization, in this case centers where people come together to learn, to grow, and to celebrate life, as part of the larger kin-dom of which we are a part.

Sacred Centers is a community of individuals who want to make a difference in our world. Our community forms organically from the workshop experience and the desire to keep that feeling alive in one’s own community. Our students and graduates of the Sacred Centers Certification Program form Sacred kin-ships in their own area, where they may teach, conduct healing practices, or hold events.

In this way, Sacred Centers’ kin-ships become self-organizing points for the coalescence of consciousness, illuminating the sacred web of life for the purpose of bringing together the Imaginal Cells of the emerging paradigm.

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Sacred Centers East Coast

Sacred Centers East: Chester Springs, PA, USA

Sacred Centers Holland
Light Fountain: Appelscha, Holland

Sacred Centers Germany
Anjali’s Healing: Munich, Germany


Sacred Centers, East Coast
Sacred Centers East
Chester Springs, PA, USA

The Founder and Director, Maria Garcia

Maria J Garcia was born in Spain and raised in Buenos Aires, Maria’s passion for service to humanity began at a very early age and has been a driving force in her life. As a young woman in New York City she was introduced to yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, Science of Mind and other transformative modalities. These studies marked the beginning of a thirty year journey in conscious living and service to those seeking transformation and spiritual awakening.

Maria is a visionary thinker, Transformational Coach, workshop leader, yoga teacher, wife and mother. She is co-founder of The Way Of The Butterfly – Sacred Passage From Girlhood To Young Adulthood and has also worked in business, marketing, non-profit management and the arts. For five years she lived and worked at “Kripalu at Sumneytown,” a residential yoga and holistic health center serving a worldwide community. Here she played many roles, eventually becoming executive director.

Several years ago she began a focused exploration of her experience of the Divine Feminine. From this deeply personal work emerged an awareness of the Chakra System as a framework for understanding the Self and as a map for healing and empowerment. This understanding and her connection to the creative feminine principle inspire her work, which she is committed to bringing to all people, not just yoga enthusiasts.

Maria has trained with many inspiring and powerful teachers throughout her life. Her training on the Chakra System was done with Anodea Judith, world renowned author and teacher with whom she is now in creative partnership, and Anodea’s life long teaching associate Selene Vega. Her Chakra coaching training took place under Master Coach Lion Goodman.

About Sacred Centers East

Our work is based on an understanding of the Chakra / Energy system as the juncture between body, mind and spirit. This system holds both the blueprint of our essential nature and the imprint of every life experience, revealing how the two have shaped our reality. As we discover the contradictions between these two experiences and realign with our essential nature, we find our truth, our health and our enthusiasm for life. All of our offerings are designed to support this fundamental realignment.

For thousands of years this vital knowledge was in the hands of a chosen few. In an era of information and communication it has surfaced and become available to us all. It reveals a larger picture of life, its potential, our place in it and how we can move beyond the experience of limitation to abundance and the fulfillment of our chosen destiny, both personally and universally.

Sacred Centers East
1600 Yellow Springs Rd, Chester Springs, PA, USA
Email Maria Garcia
Tel: (610) 933-3435

logo_lightfountianSacred Centers, Holland


Light Fountain
Appelscha, Holland

The Founder and Director, Anita Geugien

Anita Geugien is the founder of the Dutch center: Lichtfontein (Light Fountain), and has the honor of creating the first Sacred Centers kin-ship in Europe. Anita graduated from the Sacred Centers Certification Program in June 2007 as a Chakra Teacher and combines that with her skills as a Yoga Teacher and Chakra Energy Therapist. She teaches courses in the basic Sacred Centers curriculum, as well as her own Lichtfontein education program in Chakra Yoga, Chakra Healing, Crystals and gemstone therapy, Chakra Massage, and Tarot. She also organizes spiritual and yoga vacations to beautiful and interesting places as well as workshops and masterclasses with Anodea Judith all over Europe. Her goal is to expand the transforming work of the chakra-philosophy and the healing methods of Anodea Judith.

About Light Fountain

Light Fountain is a spiritual center situated in Appelscha. All year round Light Fountain offer various courses, lectures, training courses, thematic days and workshops. There is also a shop with spiritual objects, crystals, aromatherapy oils, meditation pillows, unique jewelry and lots more. Private consultations and consultations online can be booked (see Website under Therapies). Light Fountain also offers tailor-made lectures, workshops and training courses to organizations and companies. For more information about Anita Geugien and her center go to:

Light Fountain
Email Anita (info at
Tel: 00 31 561 – 431 377



Sacred Centers, Germany
Anjali’s Healing
Assen, Holland

The Founder and Director, Christine Anjali Wittmann

Christine Anjali Wittmann runs her private practice as a spiritual healer andenergy therapist since 2001. She was trained in several methods to scan and run energy, and developed a deep sensitivity and a visionary in(ner)sight which help her clients to feel at least strongly energized, reach their potential or enhance their self healing powers. She also teaches courses in healing techniques and aura/energy awareness. With her profound advertising and marketing knowledge from many years as an account manager, she initiated a circle of workshops for spiritual workers to gain more confidence in all aspects of business. Back from her international Yoga teacher certification in India, she started in January 2008 to teach Down Syndrome adults in Yoga, and is currently producing a DVD on How-to-Teach them. Christine Anjali graduated from Sacred Centers Certification Program in October 2009 as a Chakra Teacher, is doing the basic Sacred Centers curriculum, and has the honor of being Anodea’s representative of Sacred Centers in Germany.

Private healing sessions, participation on the German workshops and her spiritual Newsletter “spiritBiz” can be looked up, booked and registered on her Website.

For more information about Christine Anjali and her work go to:
Anjali’s Healing
Email Christine
Tel: ++49 (0)89 64939860