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Sacred Centers
Costs & Application Process

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The costs of completing the Sacred Centers Certification Training vary according to the specific interests and needs of each student, and the locations in which those courses are taught. Our workshops are offered at various locations around the world, primarily in the United States and sponsored by various organizations: Kripalu, New York Open Center, Yoga Kula, Yoga Tree, Dallas Yoga Center, etc. Costs will vary, according to the sponsoring institution, but in general they will be comparable in price to other workshops of a similar nature. Your costs will be determined by the workshop tuition, housing arrangements you prefer and the travel to the various locations that work for you throughout your training.

Our application process requires a written application and a personal conversation. The application fee is $59 whether you choose to pursue Co-Heart or Professional Certification. If you continue on to Professional Certification after completing the Co-Heart requirements, you will not have to pay the $59 application fee again. In other words, you only pay the $59 fee one time.

Application & Payment Process:

Sacred Centers Courses lead to Co-Heart and Professional Certification, are sponsored by exceptional learning institutions around the world, and are given at different times and locations throughout the year. Students begin certification through an application process and proceed at a pace that suits their location, finances, and professional needs.

Co-Heart Application & Payment Process:

IMG_0393Co-Heart Certification: Prospective students begin by filling out a short application with a $59 fee. Once application is submited, the Sacred Centers Certification Coordinator will contact you to discuss your plan.

Prospective students fill out a short application and pay $59.

Payment Options

Professional Application & Payment Process:

iStock_000022563243MediumProspective students begin by filling out an application with a one-time $59 fee.

Professional Level Payment Options

$59 Application Fee Payment: Due at the time your application is submitted. Applications will NOT be processed without application fee.

$500 Program Fee Payment: Once application is submited, the Sacred Centers Certification Coordinator will contact you to discuss your plan. If you are accepted into the program, the Certification Program fee is $500 or choose to pay $24/month for 2-years/24-months payment plan.

We look forward to getting to know you better and taking this marvelous journey of healing and awakening together. If you have any questions, want to find out about new opportunities or ask about a payment plan: Please Contact Nini Gridley, our Certification Coordinator.

Want to discuss Sacred Centers Certification? Contact our SC Coordinator!

More about Professional Certification:

Working with you as you progress through the Professional Training Program requires administrative time and attention, and there are separate charges related to this process. $500 is payable to Sacred Centers for the Professional certification process. Or instead, you can choose to pay $24/month for 2-years/24-months payment plan. This is similar to taking courses at a university, where the fee for credit is higher than for those auditing the course. It does not change the cost of a workshop, which is rarely handled by Sacred Centers, but is payable separately as a monthly payment play or a one-time fee for participation in the Professional Certification Training. This fee can be paid at any time, (in full or on a payment plan) but must be paid prior to graduation. The $500 payment is NOT required for Co-Heart Certification.

Mentoring and supervision are part of the process as well. Appropriate mentors are found for each student, with fees payable directly to these mentors at a range of $70-$200/hour. How many hours you need is up to the director and mentor, and may vary. Purchase A Private Session with Anodea Judith. Books and materials vary and are the responsibility of the student. Often books may be obtained at a discount for students in this training.

Please note: Most of this material cannot be taught electronically, but only experienced. You must be present to win! If you are interested in pursuing this life-changing program, please contact us through the information below. But remember, we like to get to know you first! We strongly suggest you take a course or two before applying for the Co-Heart or Professional Certification Program.

Chakra Blessings,
Anodea Judith

To apply for our Certification program, please view application details here for either the Co-Heart or Professional Certification Program.. If you have any questions please contact our Sacred Centers Programs Coordinator: Nini Gridley.

If you prefer to contact us at the office:

Sacred Centers
PO BOX 2008
Novato, CA 94948

Accepted into the Sacred Centers PROFESSIONAL Certification Program?

If you have already spoken to Sacred Centers Programs Coordinator: Nini Gridley, and been accepted into the Professional Certification Program, you can electronically pay your one-time Professional Certification fee of $500 here. We look forward to getting to know you better and taking this marvelous journey of healing and awakening together. If you have any questions, please contact Nini Gridley. The $500 payment is NOT required for Co-Heart Certification.


General Information: Pertinent to all Specializations

Co-heart Kin-dom and Guidance

When a student is complete with their enrollment materials, the Program Coordinator will contact them to set up an initial session. This will include learning about the program’s offerings, classes, requirements, as well as focusing on a student’s learning goals. It is potentially a good time for asking questions, setting intentions, receiving guidance and focus. Within 1-2 months of enrolling, students will be given an opportunity to join a Co-Heart Kin-dom, a small group of students who are moving through the program approximately at the same time and rate as they are. This will provide support, co-learning, personal and professional growth and potential collaboration. In addition, Sacred Centers will be offering regularly scheduled teleclasses for students to deepen their learning.