Celebrate Humanity’s Most Precious Asset: LOVE!


Well friends, we passed the dark point of the year back at Winter Solstice, 2012, and we survived. Now we are moving into the light again, rounding the bend to celebrate humanity’s most precious asset: LOVE.

love-2.jpgHow fitting that I write you this note having just finished up the manuscript of my new book THE GLOBAL HEART AWAKENS. My heart is soaring!  I can’t wait to share it with you, as I feel its message of hope will be an important guide in the rite of passage that humanity is facing into at this incredible time on the planet.

From my two decades of research on this book, spanning the discovery of fire to the present time, along with scads of evolutionary theory pointing to the future, I clearly see how humanity is entering an era of the heart chakra. The new organizing principles of collaboration and cooperation, empathy and compassion, non-violence and participatory democracy, gift economies and green technologies, are leading the way to the future. Top-down, power-over, dominance structures are falling, heaving with their last desperate gasps for breath. Violence has been in steady decline (despite news media that would like us to think otherwise), creativity is flourishing with more innovations than we can keep up with, and the world is learning to handle a group mind through the myriad synapses of the Internet.

Humans are smarter, more empowered, freer to create and express themselves than we have ever been at any point in history. We have more prosperity (the middle class lives better than kings and queens of old), more freedom to question and think for ourselves, more ability to organize, innovate, and propagate our ideas.

It’s been a long haul through millennia of history for humans to have the maturity to enter this phase, and we still have our challenges in getting there. But the time is ripe like never before for us to celebrate all that we have together and open our hearts to the possibilities before us.

The question of today is not, “What’s going to happen?” It’s asking, “What are we going to create?” We who are alive today are the parents of the future, co-creating in partnership with each other and with the Divine. We are not the end of a failed experiment in evolution, we are the designers of the next iteration.

We have the capacity to design a world we can love. We can let love be our guide and our social organizing principle. We can accept the invitation to love and to live from the truth of our hearts. We can co-create heaven on earth.

This is the love story that I’m excited about.

Happy Valentines’ Day!

Anodea Judith