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The following contains footnotes to Anodea Judiths Live presentation.
Work on yourself.

The more you heal your own wounds, the more potential you have to open your heart and serve others. To “unhurt your heart” is to follow the meaning of the name of the heart chakra “anahata” which literally means unstruck or unhurt.

Follow your heart.
As the heart awakens it feels a higher calling. Andrew Harvey advises us to look at what is breaking our hearts (rainforest, animals, ecocide, genocide) and let that pain guide us to our service. It is also important to listen to our hearts that often have a deeper wisdom than the mind.

Network with Others.
Be an imaginal cell and find others of like mind. You don’t have to do it alone. There are hundreds of thousands of organizations already in existence that need more help. If you don’t have time to help, give them money. Many operate primarily on volunteer labor and a shoestring budget.

Spend time in Nature.
Nature reminds us of the beauty and peace that is our original ground. It resets our dials and reminds us of what’s real. It takes away stress and gives us the fresh air and exercise that promote health. It is renewing and enlivening.

Simplify and Go Green.
Too many material things and too much busyness make us forget who we are. Simplify life. Give yourself more time to commune with what you love. Narrow the boundaries between you and the natural world. Live with ecological consciousness, re-use, recycle, drive less, buy consciously. Treat all life as sacred.

Practice Generosity and Compassion.
Become part of the gift culture instead of the grab culture. Give a bigger tip, help someone who’s had it tough, contribute to a cause. Find worth in what you give more than what you have. We’re all trying to do the best we can with what we have been given. Those who seem to be lagging behind may have had a tougher road. Look to where you can help rather than pass judgment. Kindness just might make someone’s day.

Practice Gratitude.
The attitude of gratitude is the guidance of the Gaia-dance. Gratitude opens the heart to the many blessings that are already here.

Take Action!
Find ways to get involved. See websites on back for a start or do your own search on what calls to your heart the most. Get others involved, and help turn the tide of this great awakening!

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Too many websites to list, but that’s why the Goddess gave us Google. Here’s a few places to start: This is Paul Hawken’s amazing compendium of over 100,000 environmental, peace, and social justice organizations and their websites. A great resource for the largest movement in the was founded on the idea that real solutions already exist for building the future we want and talks about how to implement them. Peace Organizations: (lists many) reduces the threat of climate change by making it easy and affordable for any individual or business to reduce their carbon footprint and support climate-friendly projects. Please take action today!Global Mind Shift: Videos and articles about shifting the paradigm


  • 1.25 milion species gone by 2050
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  • 50% of world forests are gone:
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  • 90% of ocean fish gone:
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  • Desertification: 1700 acres an hour, 5 to 7 million hectares/year:
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  • 3 million deaths per year worldwide due to air pollution:
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Disappearing Bees
Is it Possible? much of this data from Yes! Magazine, Spring 2007. Figures on the cost of Iraq keep changing, but the numbers are only going up and we haven’t begun to compute the cost of getting everyone home. $161 Billion: Lester Brown’s estimated cost of correcting basic social and environmental problems worldwide, from the book Plan B 2.0 $975 Billion: World Military Expenditure in 2006

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