Blessings of the Equinox

Optimizing Sustainability! 

Blessings of the Equinox! Since spring has sprung, I encourage you to ask this week: “Where can I create a little more heaven on earth in my life? Where can I ask a question that informs my inquiry? Where can I open myself to the great work?” 

Close your eyes and find your core. Take a breath and just say to yourself, if you will, if it’s in agreement with you:

– I open my mind to the supreme understanding of the great work. 
– I open my vision to see my path in the great work.
– I listen to my inner voice as guidance for the great work. 
– I open my heart to the profound love of the great work. 
– I am energized by the power of the great work. 
– I align my emotions and energies to flow effortlessly with the great work. 
– And I honor my body as the vehicle for enacting the great work.

If you’ve had a long dark winter, you can take a breath now and smell the first fragrance of Spring. For a short time, the nights and days are equal, and at last, the light will begin to overtake the dark. Balance is the key to this Equinox holiday and indeed to the renewal of Spring.