Beautiful Sacred Centers Kin-ships

Sacred Centers, founded by Anodea Judith in 1999, is a teaching organization that uses the map of the chakra system for individual and cultural awakening. If you’ve been getting these emails, you already know about Anodea and her teachings. You’ve heard what we’re doing on the Mother Ship.
What you probably don’t know is that Sacred Centers has two established sister organizations: “kin-ships” — founded by graduates of the Certification Program who offer similar material.  
Anita Geugien is the founder of Lichtfontein, a small retreat center located in northern Holland (Appelscha). Check our her beautiful new website (you can click for translation) and see pictures of Anita living her dream. 
Anodea will be teaching two workshops at Lichtfontein this fall:
Charge, Trauma, and Character Structure: 
Freeing up the Energy Body
September 8-10, 2014

This advanced workshop in bioenergetics and trauma will take your work to a deeper level and give you support for your own difficulties as well as your more challenging clients. Come to learn, heal, or grow in an atmosphere of safety and intimacy.

Chakra Yoga: 
The Practice of Connecting Heaven and Earth
September 13, 2014 

Experience your own chakras awakening as you learn dynamic postures for activating each center through asana and bioenergetics exercises, including breath, chanting, meditation and more.

Marcia Garcia, also a graduate of the Sacred Centers Certification Program, is the founder of Sacred Centers East located in Chester Springs, PA, 45 minutes Northwest of Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York City. Sacred Centers East provides a variety of offerings based on the wisdom of the chakras. To learn more about this beautiful center and its, visit

Upcoming Sacred Centers East Workshops: