Almost There!


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December 14, 2012.

The Winter Solstice of 2012, long prophesied as a turning point for humanity, is only a week away. Is the world going to end? Or is it just beginning?

In every transformation, there is a letting go. There are dyings and endings that take us deep into our soul to make room for the new. At this time of year it’s important that we dive deep into the darkness, enter the quiet of the inner temple, empty out the internal clutter, to rise up again with the returning light.

As the stalks of summer plants now get buried underground for the winter, they release their seeds into the earth. In this journey to the underworld, what is unnecessary is stripped, what is essence remains. In that stripping we can better see what is eternal: the archetypal patterns of existence, the love we share with others, the indwelling beloved nourished by universal love.

Evolution comes in waves. Risings and fallings of eras and empires, changes in values, continual upgrades in cultural operating systems. We are carriers of that wave, and we are riders of it at the same time. To carry it forth, we must open to receiving it, open to change and transformation.

Thank you for riding this revolution around the sun with us. It’s a meditation about being carriers of the wave. May you be fortified at this important time. May you open your heart and receive the infinite splendor of divine love that is the message of this time.

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Happy Solstice! Happy Rebirth!

Anodea Judith

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