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Welcome to Sacred Center’s Affiliate sign up page. If you already know Sacred Centers we are glad to welcome you to the new program.

You will find information on the program below and you can sign up here.

The Sacred Centers Affiliate Program is a win-win way to spread the word about something that creates positive impact in people’s lives.

  • Do you have a network of students and clients who want to learn and grow?
  • Do you have an email list of 1000 or more?
  • Do you surround yourself with people who want to boost their own personal evolution and contribute to the evolutionary shift of consciousness that leads to being more awake, empowered and able to contribute to heaven on earth?

If yes, then become a Sacred Centers Affiliate and create change and growth for others while generating additional income for yourself!

Our Affiliates come from people like you who have a network of students, clients and contacts who want to learn and grow.

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You are rewarded generously for referring people to our webinars, teleseminars, discount bundles, workshops, Immersions, or products, through simple computer links. Earn money by introducing new people who then become students of Sacred Centers workshops or buy our products.

Promote Sacred Centers to your network and when they purchase our courses and training’s (see courses in the agreement for fuller description) – you’ll receive a commission.

Affiliates earn a flat dollar amount, usually $50 to $100, when someone from your list enrolls in Sacred Centers sponsored workshops, Immersions or training’s. This includes sales from your contacts that register for free events and later purchase.

It’s free and easy to join!

  • We’ll let you know what commissions are eligible for workshops & products.
  • We provide online access to tools and resources.
  • You can track your referrals and commissions at any time in our online reporting system.

Here is How You Earn Income as a Sacred Centers Affiliate:

Step 1: Use the form below to sign up to be a Referral Partner.

Step 2: Check your inbox for instructions on how to access the Infusionsoft Referral Center.

Step 3: Use trackable links, banners or emails (provided in the Infusionsoft Referral Center) to promote Sacred Centers.

Step 4: Cash your commission checks!

Sign up today using the form below!

Try it now on these amazing teleclasses opportunities and earn up to 50% of the sales!

Try it now on these upcoming workshops and earn $25 per sale!

If you have more questions, see the Q & A below the affiliate sign up form.

We look forward to creating a Bright and Prosperous year with you as our Affiliate.

In Joy,

Sacred Centers

Fill in the form below to register as a Sacred Centers affiliate.

Questions and Answers

Q:   What is an Affiliate Program and how can you get PAID when you Participate?

A:  It’s like a REFERRAL Program that TRACKS your referrals.

Q:  How does this work?

1. You become an Affiliate by filling out the form below
2. You will be assigned an Affiliate Account with codes
3. You will receive a confirmation email
4. The Affiliate Program provides you with banner ads with HTML code that have YOUR Affiliate ASSIGNED number embedded in the HTML code
5. Copy and paste the html code into your blog, newsletter, email etc. and the banner add will appear

Q: How does the tracking work so you receive $$ for your referrals?

A: When someone clicks the banner ad described above, it automatically assigns a “tracking cookie” so that any time in the next year that that person purchases ANYTHING on the Sacred Centers Online Store – YOU will get the financial credit

Q: How do I get paid? (Payouts / Commissions)

A: “Payouts” are done monthly BUT you must have at least $77 in commissions before your payout check is sent.  Everything is held in back-end tracking program and all commissions stay in your account -you DO NOT LOSE commissions month to month if you haven’t reached $77 in a given month.

Q: How do I get paid? (Receiving money)

A: Unless you make special arrangements – You must have a Pay Pal account to receive commissions