Shanon DeanShanon Dean
Creative Marketing Director

Shanon Dean is the invisible smile behind Sacred Centers as she manages the endless details: maintaining 4 websites Sacred CentersWaking the Global Heart (which has become The Global Heart Awakens), and Creating on Purpose, creating ads, art work, newsletters, workshop manuals, managing workshop details, geeking the technology, and learning new systems as they come. She is also focusing on marketing while growing our contact lists including our Sacred Centers Affiliate Program, building campaigns and webforms in Infusionsoft, and creating opt-ins in Optimize Press. She does sound editing for our teleclasses and webinars, edits and creates videos and oversees her assistant to ensure that nothing gets overlooked including retail and wholesale orders, data entry, taxes, royalites and prep, and keeping Anodea organized while she’s at it! If you can identify your problem or need, Shanon can address it. She’s a great facilitator, who often shows up with a fresh basket of fruits, veggies, and eggs from her homestead. Contact Shanon

Gianna Carini
Programs & Office Manager

Gianna is the fresh face to Sacred Centers and a welcome surprise since we keep expanding! She wears many hats and has taken over the retail and wholesale orders, answering phones and email correspondence, doing data entry, managing workshop shipping details, daily bookkeeping, social media marketing assistance, picking up various misc. duties, and helping to keep Shanon afloat! She is also now handling all of Anodea’s bookings including keynotes, workshops (live and virtual), joint ventures and private coaching sessions, PR/Media inquires, etc! Contact Gianna

NINI_SC Faculty_cropped to squareNini Gridley
Certification Coordinator

Nini Gridley is a founding faculty member of Sacred Centers and has been teaching some of our Introductory Teleclasses Nini began studying the chakra system with Anodea in 1993. She took all the workshops, then assisted all the workshops and was instrumental in the development of the certification path. Professionally trained as a Spiritual Healer and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner she initiated her private practice, Full Spectrum Healing™, in 1995 offering private healing sessions, meditations and Bach Flower Essences to children and adults. Previously a Child Life Specialist Nini worked with children on Pediatrics in Medical Centers for nearly ten years. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Bank Street College of Education (NY, NY) and a B.A. in Child Development and Education from Connecticut College (New London, CT) which inform her understanding of the of chakras and illuminate the healing process.

In 2004 Nini completed six years of training to become a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher (500 hrs.) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Lenox, MA. She taught Yoga classes to adults and children there for years and continues to teach workshops on the chakras and meditation for Retreat & Renewal. Currently residing in Saratoga Springs, NY, Nini is teaching at Yoga Mandali where she leads the popular “Full Spectrum Healing Series” for nine weeks on the liberating current of the chakras. Her dynamic workshops weave ancient teachings on the chakras with her expertise in child development to illuminate the midlife healing process and bring Universal light and unconditional love to the process of self discovery.

We are delighted her role at Sacred Centers will be increasing. You can reach her via email at