People are always writing to ask if we can recommend practitioners in various parts of the country who use our techniques or training. Below you will find a list of affiliated practitioners or teachers who are Sacred Centers graduates or advanced students in our program. We do not recommend anyone we don’t know personally, however we are not legally responsible for any recommendation made here, and practitioners are free to practice other modalities as well, according to their training and proclivities. As more people complete our trainings, these lists get periodically updated. Please do not ask to be on this list if you have not trained with Sacred Centers.

We get many requests for referrals to therapists trained by Anodea Judith. If you have taken several Sacred Centers courses, you may apply to be included on this page where people looking for chakra-based practitioners can easily find you. With your request, please send a short paragraph or two describing your practice and include your name, expertise, location, photo and contact information to: Sacred Centers

New York

Kiana Love
Sacred Centers Graduate

Kiana Love, Founder and Director of Kakini Health, is a holistic practitioner using somatic therapies, energy work and reflexology to help balance the body, mind, and spirit. She holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston and has certifications in body mind healing. She combines somatic psychology and the chakra system with yoga, stretching, meditation, and breath work. Kiana is a Reiki master, Advanced Vortex Practitioner, and Master Integrated Energy Instructor as well as an interfaith minister. Kiana provides a compassionate presence that allows the body to express, and integrate its truth, which brings healing and peace of mind. Kiana is available for classes, lectures, space clearing, ceremonies, and private sessions.
Website: Kakini Health
email: Kiana Love
155 w 72nd St suite 205
New York, NY 10023
Tel: (917) 453-3663


Jason Kanter, LMSW
Integrational Psychotherapy

I am a psychotherapist and yoga therapist who has been practicing in New York City for over twenty years. In my work with people I draw from various eastern traditions as well as western perspectives in psychotherapy and movement and various forms of bodywork.  Using the tools at my disposal, I strive to create a safe “container” – a trusting environment within which people can enter into a process through which they may find compassionate self-acceptance and peace of mind. Here, the particular complexities and nuances of a person’s experience can naturally emerge and be comfortably explored. Utilizing the body as a vehicle for enhancing self awareness, we work together to facilitate a present-moment consciousness that opens the door to healing.

Website: www.kanter-ny-ct
314 West 56th Street  #3C
New York, N.Y. 10019
Tel: (212) 489-6797


Julie Angel

Julie Angel, graduate of Sacred Centers, has been gently guiding clients to a place of more joyful embodiment for over 25 years. She integrates the tools of massage, Watsu (aquatic bodywork), Process Healing (somatic therapy) and chakra psychology (the interface of energy between body, mind and spirit).

In private sessions as well as groups, Julie honors each person’s unique journey while inviting them to let go of old patterns that inhibit living and loving fully in the moment. She brings grounded spirituality, compassion and integrity to her lifework.

Julie is a member of:
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
U.S. Association of Body Psychotherapists
Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association

Click here to read an article about Julie’s Watsu in the Phila Inquirer

Her home office includes an indoor warm pool; see website for photos.
email: Julie Angel
914 Southampton Ave.
Wyndmoor, PA 19038
(Philadelphia area)
Tel: 215-836-9779

Rhode Island

RachelRachael Smith, RN, MA

Licensed mental health counselor, Reiki practitioner and certified rehabilitation counselor, Rachael’s practice specializes in holistic and mind-body therapy. With over 25 years nursing and counseling practice, she brings a blend of creative modalities, including art, music, movement, gestalt techniques and mind-body experiences, to her clients. She specializes in trauma, grief and loss, and anxiety disorders, as well as lifestyle counseling.

Website: The Heart of Healing
email: Rachael Smith, RN, MA
Coventry, Rhode Island


Patricia Day Williams, M.D.

Known for her ability to help people make deep transformative changes, whether she is leading a chakra workshop, coaching individuals one-on-one, or consulting with a group or organization. Her background as a former physician and midwife and now yoga teacher, combined with her training in group dynamics and Eastern and Western psychology, give her an unusually rich mix of approaches. Patricia helps participants apply the chakra learnings to their personal and professional lives in both practical and transformative ways. People often say that their work with her has been one of the most impactful learning experiences of their life.

15 W. Caton Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22031
Tel: (703) 472-3888