Listen as people from around the world Interview Dr. Anodea Judith.

Coming of Age in the Heart with author Dr. Anodea Judith

Listen as Jeff Wessman from Wisdom of Life, interviews Dr. Anodea Judith, author of Waking the Global Heart: Humanities Rite of Passage From the Love of Power to the Power of Love.
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Returning to the Body Mind with Dr. Melissa West

Listen as Dr. Melissa West from Conscious Talk Radio interviews Dr. Anodea Judith on Returning to the Body Mind.
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Exploring the New Story & the Future of Civilization

Michael Toms interviews Dr. Anodea Judith on
Waking the Global Heart.
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Waking the Global Heart: IONS Interview

FOUR QUESTIONS: An Interview with Stephan Dinan, April 18, 2006
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Waking the Global Heart: Sample Interview

Sample interview questions for Dr. Anodea Judith, author of Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love.
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An enlightenment interview with Jordan S. Gruber – February, 1999
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Global Heart Awakens - Anodea Judith

Global Heart Awakens( GIC Production ) Most human histories are about power and politics, but The Global Heart Awakens offers the first narrative of human evolution told from a woman’s perspective and from the standpoint of the heart. This archetypal history of humanity by a bestselling author offers a formula for creating a sustainable future and how we canget there. Anodea Judith explains in detail why we are facing a profound global initiation, and shows that— despite the dire crises we now face—humanity is moving forward on a journey to planetary adulthood.

Recorded June 25, 2013Recording now available!The JustBernard Show TV web series with Dr. Bernard Alvarez of the Global Illumination Council

Listen to The justBernard Show LIVE on Tuesdays at Noon Eastern Time on Revolution Radio STUDIO A

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OmTimes interview with Angela Levesque

OmTimes interview with Angela Levesque

Recorded July 4th, 2013
Awakening the Global Heart with Anodea Judith -
On Health & Healing Thursday 11pm ET/10C/9M

Most of us can feel there is a shift happening, but how can we move into this new awakening without falling prey to fear? What role does our heart play in this shift and how can we use the wisdom of the distant past to ensure a sustainable, cooperative future? Join us for a big-picture discussion on myth, co-creation and the awakening of the global heart.

The show will air on July 4th, 2013 at 11pm ET on

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Rainbow Visions with Betsey Lewis

Rainbow Visions with Betsey Lewis

Recorded July 24, 2013. Podcast now available.
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Conscious Talk Network

Conscious Talk Network with Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears

Recorded August 12th. Podcast available now!

This show Streams 153 countries. Conscious Talk Network
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Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Radio

Recorded August 26, 2013 Podcast now available at Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Radio
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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter with Ajayan BorysRecorded August 12, 2013
Podcast now available.
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Voice of the Sacred Feminine

Voice of the Sacred Feminine with Karen Tate

Recorded: Thursday, August 15. Podcast available now.
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Conscious Talk Radio

Recorded August 12th, 2013 Conscious Talk Radio with Brenda Michaels and Rob SpearsPodcast now availableThis show Streams 153 countries. Seattle listeners can tune in to KKNW 1150 AM. Also streams live at In Europe Drive time 5am London Radio Ear Network. com airs in London 5am and in US noon ET. 3.2 million mailing list.
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X-Zone Radio with Rob McConnell

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Good Vibrations Radio

Anodea Judith will be a guest on Good Vibrations Radio™: Tools for Transformation with Solarzar & Kyralani on AM 540, KRXA, Radio Monterey.Recorded August 24, 2013. Podcast now available.
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Drishti Point Yoga Radio

The Podcast can be accessed by Members only on Drishti Point Yoga Radio. If you would like to support this Podcast, you can make a donation of any amount.

Podcast recorded August 2013. Now available.
Sacred Centers has provided you with the recording:

Download podcast now

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Transitions Radio Magazine

Transitions Radio Magazine with Alan Hutner
Anodea Judith, The Global Heart Awakens; Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff on Intuition

Recorded September 5, 2013

Transitions Radio Magazine with Alan Hutner:
(this show was done in 3 parts)

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

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      The Wisdom Show Presents

      Have you wondered how you can consciously evolve to your highest potential? Are you ready to move your life, and the planet, forward to the next level? I am thrilled to invite you to a very unique and spectacular gathering designed to offer a variety of possibilities!

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      Some of the renowned New Thought leaders who will be participating include Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Eric Pearl, Joan Borysenko, Howard Martin, Guy Finley, Sue Morter, Bruce Goldberg and me, Anodea Judith.

      You can hear me on November 21, 2013 at 1:00pm Pacific Time.

      We’ll be sharing new paradigms to help you consciously evolve, and to help us all create our ideal future together…

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      Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio LIVE

      Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio LIVE Host: Lisa Cypers Kamen December 11 9-9:30am PT/12-12:30pm ET Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio
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      Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices LIVE SHOW

      Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices LIVE SHOW

      October 23 5-6pm PT

      Listen Live!

      Listen On Demand

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      World Spirituality Unity

      World Spirituality Unity Fort Worth with Paul John Roach
      October 8th
      11-noon PT / 1-2pm CT
      Listen Live!

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      Just Bernard Radio

      Just Bernard Radio
      Revolution Radio Network "Studio A"

      October 15

      11am-1pm/2-4pm ET
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      November 11 11:15-noon

      InnverViews on CBS Sky Radio Hosts: Kimmie Rose Zapf and Donna Visocky - Live!

      Innerviews airs every Monday from 2:00-4:00 p.m. EST on the CBS Sky Radio Network heard worldwide on Listeners may call into the show with their comments and questions by dialing (248) 545-SOUL (7685).
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      Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices LIVE SHOW

      Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices LIVE SHOW

      Recorded February 26: 5-6pm PT

      Listen On Demand

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      The Aware Show

      The Aware Show with Lisa Garr LIVE

      December 5 1-2pm PT

      The show originates out of KPFK 90.7 fm in Los Angeles/98.7 fm in Santa Barbara.

      Also streams online at

      The show is archived and available at

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      Anodea Judith takes us through three epochs of humanity, describing them as the “static feminine, dynamic masculine, and static masculine.” She describes both the positive and negative traits of each era. This dialogue moves through the history of human development into our present crisis and potential transformation. She says we are now entering the era of the “dynamic feminine” and that it is a time of the heart rather than power, “We’re actually coming toward the end of the static masculine and we’ve been in that for the last two thousand or twenty five hundred years.” She describes it as a time of being “raised by a single father with no knowledge of the mother.” Now, we are moving toward a period of homeostasis, but the process is fluctuating and it will take time. Judith warns us, “We need to be careful not to judge it as a system that doesn’t work just because it’s young… we have to move through the chaos and find a new organizing principle.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


      Anodea Judith, Ph.D., is a workshop leader and speaker on personal and planetary transformation. She holds a doctorate in health and human services, and a master’s in clinical psychology. She is a highly respected researcher and visionary, and is best known for her pioneering work bridging Eastern and Western psychology through the chakra system.

      She is the author of:

      • Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System (Llewellyn publications 1999)
      • The Global Heart Awakens: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love (Shift books 2013)

      Topics explored in this dialogue include:

      • Why is it important to know the history of humanity
      • Why Judith uses the chakra system to map humanity’s history
      • How the “dynamic masculine” is represented by dictatorial rule
      • How the “static feminine” era of the goddess cultures was replaced
      • What are the positive and negative traits of each of the four eras of humanity, “static feminine, dynamic masculine, static masculine, dynamic feminine”
      • How humanity is entering an era of the heart rather than power
      • What does the transparency of the internet have to do with the life-cycle of the caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly
      • How Jesus’ story got corrupted by the Roman Empire and Christianity
      • How we are moving away from chain of connection to web of connection
      • How ideagora is a place where people can congregate and share ideas

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      Manifesting a Dream Through Your Chakras

      Manifesting a Dream Through Your Chakras:

      An Integrated Approach to Successful Creation

      We’ve all been told that visualization is the key to manifestation, but this single-strategy method often fails to deliver real results.

      What if the true power of manifestation actually lies in the chakras? This ancient map of our energy centers has been the foundation for millions of yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and healers — who have proven its validity for growth, healing, grounding and opening to higher consciousness.

      Anodea Judith is globally recognized as an expert on the chakras and has developed an integrated approach to creation that is grounded in the design of your body and is far more effective at creating lasting results.

      If you want to learn how to create your most heartfelt dreams with grace, mastery and beauty, I invite you to join me for a FREE teleseminar event with Anodea on Wednesday, October 1 & Saturday October 4th: Manifesting a Dream Through Your Chakras: An Integrated Approach to Successful Creation.

      Learn more and register for this free opportunity to manifest more of what you truly desire in your life here

      In this powerful and practical event, you’ll learn:

      • A step-by-step systematic roadmap to a manifestation process that can be used for any dream you have
      • Vital tools for breaking through common blocks to manifestation that occur at each chakra level, from limiting beliefs to handling distractions, to fear of commitment
      • Enjoyable ways to make manifesting your dreams more fun for all concerned
      • How to mobilize your social network for finding just the right relationships to support your dream
      • How to remain focused and on track with your prioritized plan and purpose
      • The truth is that it takes ALL the levels of our being — from inspiration, heart, power, passion and muscle — to birth a new possibility for your life.

      Birthing something new requires a systematic, all-chakra approach, and Anodea’s methods deliver that sophistication — which is why they work.

      I hope to "see" you there! It’s free to attend and you will receive a recording if you can’t listen live: ==>> Find out more

      PS - This call will be recorded, and everyone who registers will receive the recording. Don’t miss your chance to experience Anodea as she shares her spiritually-grounded way to manifest — with an approach to birthing a dream that is much more effective than simply trying to visualize your new life into being!

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      Through the Chakras to the Global Heart

      Join Anodea on Monday, 21st March,
      for a very special event:
      Through the Chakras to the Global Heart!

      The Chakra System provides a profound map for the journey through life, both personally and collectively. As humanity navigates our rite of passage into the next era, personal awakening is required, but so is a shift in the principles that organize society. World-renowned spiritual teacher, Anodea Judith, calls this a shift from “the love of power to the power of love.”

      With sobering and heart-lifting imagery, you will see how the steps of cultural evolution have created the perfect evolutionary drivers for our collective awakening, and how this is already happening, behind the scenes everywhere, as we move from a chain of command to a web of connection, from ego-system to eco-system, and from power to love.

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      Doctoring Your Chakras


      FREE CALL: Monday, February 29th

      In this free call, Dr. Jacqueline Chan will give you two practical health tips for each of the major 7 chakras, one based in the field of Holistic Medicine, the second based in the underpinnings of intuition medicine. Topics include healthy energetic boundaries, the basics of detoxing, what stress does to our sex hormones, mending the gut, principles in tending to your cardiovascular health, symptoms of thyroid imbalance and what to do about it, tips for good cognitive care for higher thinking and clarity and lastly how to access your divine intuition.

      Register for FREE CALL now!

      This free call is part of a bigger 7-week online course:
      The Healthy Chakra Tune-Up with the Chakra Doctor
      The Ultimate Physician for your Chakras
      Healthy-Chakra-Tune-upSure, you could go to several different practitioners and get some of this advice. You could see a nutritionist, a hormone expert, a therapist, an energy worker, and a meditation teacher. They would all give you different opinions. Each one would require an appointment, just to tackle that one thing. Few would have the map of the chakras, or if they did, they would be unlikely to have the solid medical background to go with it. With The Healthy Chakra Tune Up, you get all of this in one place, from the comfort of your own home, even on your own time. What a great way to embark on your new year to make sure that all your systems are functioning optimally, physically, energetically, and spiritually! Give yourself the gift of health. You will never regret it.

      7-week Chakra Healing course.
      $247 for early bird, $347 after March 1, 2016.

      Sign up now to receive lots of incredible bonuses!
      I'm ready to start my chakra healing

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      Change Your Beliefs!

      Change Your Beliefs:
      Clear Your Subconscious Patterns
      and Liberate Your Mind!

      Anodea Judith, Ph.D. Interviews Lion Goodman, P.C.C.
      APRIL 6TH, 2PM PST / 5PM EST

      You feel limited from achieving your goals, yet you are unsure why. You’re frustrated because you don’t know how to remove this invisible shield that blocks your way, keeping you from realizing your intentions.

      Take a guided tour through your subconscious mind! Visit the internal parts and patterns that prevent you from moving forward with your hopes and dreams. Look directly into and dissect what has been ingrained in your beliefs and kept you stuck in your old patterns and habits. Learn sophisticated techniques to reach deep into the core of your psyche and delete subconscious restrictions forever!

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